YB Dato’ Dr. Mah Hang Soon, Deputy Minister Of Education 1 Officiates ‘Back To School 2022’ By MARGMA Foundation And PEPIS

Kuala Kubu Bharu, 11 February 2022 – The Malaysian Rubber Glove Manufacturers Association (MARGMA), has again sponsored and launched its support on “Back To School 2022″ programme organised by Pertubuhan Perkembangan Dan Evolusi Pendidikan India Selangor (PEPIS). The event was officiated by YB Dato’ Dr.Mah Hang Soon, Deputy Minister of Education 1. 

The “Back to School 2022” programme is aimed at bringing children in the B40 category back to school by supporting them with schooling aids including uniforms, shoes, bags, stationery supplies and Covid-19 protective gears in line with school SOPs. A total of 318 students of primary and secondary levels from 16 schools (refer appendix) under the Hulu Selangor district will benefit from this programme. Each student will receive school stationery support materials worth RM400 with additional RM200 in cash allowance. 

“The MARGMA Foundation has always been generous and magnanimous to deserving students and this time around, our Board of Trustees has also agreed to provide an additional RM200 cash allowance together with the other schooling materials. One of the greatest joy in living is in the giving and MARGMA Foundation will continue to elevate the welfare and well-being of this group of students. We sincerely hope this would help lessen the financial burden of these students, allowing them to focus instead on returning to school and excel in their studies. Our total sponsorship for this programme is RM190,800. Additionally, MARGMA Foundation will look into sponsoring a pedestrian walkway at SMK Syed Mashor for the students.”, said Denis Low, MARGMA Foundation Chairman. 

MARGMA Foundation has sponsored a similar programme with PEPIS involving 110 students in 11 schools previously. 

“We have expanded our support to more schools involving more students this time round as the Covid-19 pandemic in the last 2 years have caused more families and students to struggle through education and basic needs. Our Association is ever mindful of the need to do our part in CSR activities and it is only natural that we choose to assist these deserving students. We want to ensure that these children are not discouraged by circumstances and are aware that they are being recognized as important future talents in our community.”, said Dr. Supramaniam Shanmugam, President of MARGMA. 

MARGMA have been supportive of nurturing young students in the community since its establishment and we believe that there will always be many who will turn out to be successful in their later life. MARGMA also see the need to create a sustainable ecosystem and to expose children to great industries of the nation with Rubber Glove Manufacturing being one such example. “As the country and our industry move toward IR4.0, there will also be multiplier effect for future talents needed in high skilled categories such as electronics & electrical engineers, mechanical engineers and mechatronics engineers. Therefore encouraging science and science base education and subjects are key to building a good future talent pool.”, remarked Dr Supramaniam. 

Malaysia is the largest producer of rubber gloves in the world. The Malaysian Rubber Glove Industry is a leading export industry with about 72,000 workforce size. This industry employs less than 2% of total foreign labour in Malaysia. MARGMA aims to launch an industry led focussed training program with school leavers sometime in 2022.

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