The Missing Puzzle Piece To Your Very Own Home Cinema

When you think about the cinema, there are several things that pop into your head: the big screen, the surround sound, comfy cushions, dimmed lights and the buttery smell of popcorn. Watching a movie in the cinema compared to at home is a whole different and sought-after experience in itself.

Now, imagine being able to enjoy a cinematic experience every single time you turn on your television (TV) at home. Hisense 4K 100-inch Smart Laser TV 100L5F is geared up and fully equipped to provide you this luxury experience of your very own home cinema.

Here are the TOP 4 reasons Hisense 4K 100-inch Smart Laser TV 100L5F makes for an excellent Home Cinema:

No More Eye Discomfort

While indulging in a movie, you would want to avoid any degree of discomfort, which is why even with a mega screen the Hisense 100-inchLaser TV screen features reflective images instead of images directed to your eyes that would cause eyestrain. Therefore, you need not worry about any eye discomfort even when watching shows for long periods of time. It was certified from TUV Rheinland for low blue light test. There is nearly zero harmful blue light that causes viewers discomfort of eyes from prolonged viewing of TV.

Cinematic Technology At Your Home

To get that true cinematic feel from the comfort of your home, the Hisense 4K 100-inch Smart Laser TV 100L5F adopts advanced technology that is only seen on cinema screens to provide the kind of laser focused detail and bright visuals that are normally seen on cinema screens.

At the movies we usually anticipate those vibrant colours and immersive viewing which displays the motion pictures just as it is in real life. Being able to transport yourself into the reality of the movie takes your movie experience to another level, that’s why the Hisense 100-inch Laser TV High Dynamic Range (HDR) which creates stunning visuals with great depth and intricate detail.        

What’s more, the pure colour adopted by the Hisense 100-inch Laser TV shows true-to-life picture with its laser light source. The X-FUSION Laser light ensures the images covey natural colours with high purity and saturation for an enhanced viewing and cinematic experience.

A home cinema doesn’t have to be a room only for watching movies and shows, but it can also be a makeshift gaming den. With the MEMC technology used in the Hisense 100-inch Laser TV with a microsecond-level processor response time, the images portrayed by the 100-inch Laser TV have a motion rate of 10-times faster than usual TV’s making it ideal for fast-paced action gaming.

Surround Sound That Captures The Movie Perfectly

Imagine being so immersed in a movie that even the surround sound is filled with sound from the movie, where you can hear it from all corners of the room, even above you. To make this a possibility, the Hisense 4K 100-inch Smart Laser TV 100L5F acquired superior audio technology, Dolby Atmos Audio, embedded with 30W of audio performance. Not only is the sound coming from all parts of your surroundings, you will feel like you’re living in the movie.    

All-In-One Entertainment Center

For an extensive and user-friendly entertainment experience, the VIDAA U4 provides convenient access to over 200 global and 60 regional apps such as Netflix, YouTube and more. So you don’t have to settle for just movies, you can also stream your favourite videos and shows on various applications.     

All you need now is some comfy cushions and some sweet & salty buttery popcorn with your Hisense 4K 100-inch Smart Laser TV 100L5F and you’re all set for endless hours of cinematic viewing. For more information on the Hisense 100-inch Laser TV check out and on YouTube

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