The 7 Types Of Drivers Everyone Knows

There are lots of different types of drivers on the road. Some people drive smoothly and calmly, while others cut you off, flash their lights and honk their horns out of anger. It is important to always be aware of what you are doing when you are on the road and how your driving affects other drivers, pedestrians and cyclists. The more we talk about the dangers of driving and its impact on other people, the more effective it is for preventing accidents from occurring.

Every driver has a different driving style, culture and personality — but how can you tell what type of driver you are based on the way you drive? Learn who the seven types of drivers are, their characteristics and how best to deal with them.

  1. The Speedster

Speedsters are out to feel the thrill of the ride and to break all the speed rules. They love the rush of tailgating, forcefully overtaking others who are keeping to the speed limits. However, speeding can also cause a driver to lose control, swerve easily as when a vehicle is moving too quickly, its overall traction with the road is lowered.

  1. The Sloths

It may be hard to believe, but this type of driver can definitely be a hazard to your safety and sanity. Not only do they drive way below the speed limit, they also cause other drivers to hit their emergency brakes just to avoid colliding with them. It’s usually the tailgating and premature braking that lead to accidents.

  1. The Nervous Driver

If you are driving along and come across a nervous driver, avoid accelerating quickly and swerving around them. Indicate early to show them that you are slowing down, keep a safe distance, and they should relax.

  1. The Engrossed Driver

Like it or not, these drivers can be some of the biggest hazards on the road. They can cause accidents simply by their simple mistake of glancing at their phone quickly. This can result in a BANG!

  1. The Road Rager

This is a popular class of driving behaviour that can be described as “driving in anger”, where the driver is likely to lose control of their car and be at risk of injury or worse, if the driver brakes suddenly or swerves onto the wrong side of the road.

  1. The Obediently Kind Driver

While rare, they do exist. They let everyone merge into their lane, never honks at anyone and are law abiding drivers. They are very respectful to all traffic rules and are also very tolerant of other reckless drivers on the road. They are very patient and will always give way at an intersection, even if it is their right of way.


  1. The Makeup Artist

Stay behind them. If you’re behind the person applying makeup, that might be the safest place to be as you can react to sudden movements in front of you. She’s not going to rear-end you if she’s in front of you.

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