Taylor’s Me.reka Makerspace (TMM) team press on in their efforts to aid COVID-19 front-liners

Subang Jaya, 13 May 2020 – Although the government has announced for the partial lift of the COVID-19 Movement Control Order (MCO), the Taylor’s Me.reka Makerspace (TMM) team are still striking at full force as part of their ongoing efforts in providing aid to the nation’s front-liners during this pandemic.

Working behind the scenes, the TMM team has put together a small group of B40 volunteers to produce Personal Protection Equipment (PPE) gown scrubs which are meant to be sold to corporate sponsors and a small number of hospitals. The production line was established at Taylor University’s new Mayamode Fashion Studio, where operations have been in progress since April 2020.

The TMM team is assisted by the talented Desa Mentari B40 tailors from the YWCA of the Desa Mentari e-Kasih Centre, who earn RM10 for each PPE that is produced. Overall production is spearheaded by the TMM team, which oversees the sharing of resources such as materials, machinery, and studio space for the project.

“These are tough times that we’re living in, which only means that we have to always look-out for one another. The growing demand for PPE gowns was what led us to the start of this initiative. While we aim to play our part in helping our very own heroes – our front-liners – who are risking their lives for the betterment of ours, we are also keen in helping to ensure the livelihood of the community. To this extent, the B40 tailors, who are known for their exceptional tailoring skills, are able to earn an income during the economic instability,” said Professor Dr Pradeep Nair, Deputy Vice Chancellor and Chief Education Officer

“We are extremely pleased to offer Mayamode, the Taylor’s fashion studio, as a working space for this project,” said Maria Wijaya, programme director of the Fashion Design Technology at The Design School, Taylor’s University. “To date, we have produced 1,500 sets of PPE gowns and we hope this number will increase to 3,000 sets end May. This is also a great opportunity for our B40 partners, as they get to make full use of their skills whilst earning an income from it.”

“Mayamode is a generous 6,500 sq ft studio equipped with 15 different types of machines from sewing machines, to heavy duty lockstitch sewing machine, heat press machine, pattern digitizer and plotter – built in anticipation for the new Fashion Design Technology programme which is expected to commence in 2021. We also welcome freelance and emerging fashion designers, as well as fashion entrepreneurs to collaborate and utilise the state-of-art equipment available at this co-working space at an affordable fee,” she continued.

In meeting hygiene and safety standards, all PPE gowns are sent to Me.reka in Publika for sanitisation purposes.

“It is truly encouraging and heart-warming to see the commitment of everyone behind this initiative, in giving back to the nation at our time of need,” added Maria.

As part of their continuous efforts to provide support to front-liners, the TMM team previously produced the supply of face shields which have fallen staggeringly short over the last few months. The face shields are part of the PPE ensemble worn by medical professionals, the police force, screening officials and the likes for full-face protection.

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