Taking Malaysian Enterprises Global: Achieving Intelligent Business Outcomes Through Searce’s Personalised Cloud Solutions

Cloud solutions provider, Searce looks to address 93.7% of Malaysian business that have yet to fully explore digital technology frontiers
Suite of data-driven cloud services to gear Malaysian businesses to be globally competitive

Malaysia, 24 May 2022 – Searce, a Californian technology consulting firm specialising in cloud solutions, artificial intelligence (AI), and data analytics, has extended their services to the Malaysian market. The new market entry will see Searce look to accelerate digitalisation for businesses locally to enable business growth and sustainability in the new norm.

While the pandemic has undoubtedly played a pivotal part in speeding up digital adoption among local businesses, a study by the World Bank reported that Malaysian businesses are still underperforming as they are unable to move beyond the basic stages of digitalisation. Only a minority of businesses (6.3%) have truly explored frontier digital technologies like data analytics, largely due to a lack of expertise and unfamiliarity with advanced cloud computing.

Ravi Paul, Searce Malaysia Country Manager, believes that this problem, if left unchecked, can lead to businesses running the risk of being entrenched in existing legacy systems. Unable to move forward beyond elementary digitalisation which could lead to rising costs to maintain these systems while yielding sub-optimal benefits. Ultimately impacting bottom lines and potentially resulting in permanent shuttering of businesses.

“Modernising infrastructure is key to maximising the potential of the cloud environment. The correct software, coupled with a dedicated support team, can greatly improve business efficiency in a cost-effective manner. This will be especially important as we transition into the endemic phase with the economy opening back up and market competition rising,” adds Ravi.

To better equip local enterprises on the road to comprehensive digitalisation, Searce offers a wide range of services, including cloud modernisation, data and analytics, applied AI, software engineering, workplace modernisation, and location intelligence. These solutions are personalised to fit the business nature of their clients in order to drive more impactful outcomes.

Searce is currently the largest Regional Service Integrator for Google Cloud Platform (GCP), and are able to ensure secure infrastructure for their solutions through existing partnerships with global hyperscalers. Beyond improved software deployment and reliability, Searce also promises end-to-end support services such as expert consulting and solution management.

“We see our customers as partners; thus, we are committed to tailoring digital solutions to  best fit their individual business models. As our goal is to “Keep Solving for Better” through personalised solutions, not only should our talents be highly skilled, they should have a mindset that constantly embraces innovation in a fast-paced, ever-changing industry. Our team is made up of passionate technology enthusiasts who are agile navigators of any problem our partners approach us with,” said Hardik Parekh, CEO of Searce.

Searce is supported by a 1,200+ team with over 600 certified cloud architects. Their end-to-end service to deliver intelligent outcomes with the support of specialised and certified engineers has been hypercritical in solving complex digital problems and in garnering trust among their partners, achieving a retention score of 97%. Moving forward, Searce is looking to invest more heavily in the local market and boost Malaysia’s standing amongst its regional peers through improving cloud infrastructure for both the public and private sectors.

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