Stay Cool With Realme’s Gaming Flagship Smartphone – Realme GT NEO2

The Dare to Leap smartphone brand, realme Malaysia has just announced that they will be launching their brand new gaming flagship smartphone, realme GT Neo2 on the 3rd of November 2021 via their Facebook page. realme Malaysia is launching this gaming smartphone for their fans to have a more comfortable experience while gaming.

Now, what exactly makes the realme GT Neo2 a flagship smartphone for gaming?

The realme GT Neo2 features a stainless steel vapor cooling plus which is by far realme’s best heat dissipation system. It has an 8-layer cooling structure that ensures the phone’s heat dissipation is more effective for an enhanced gaming experience.

Within the 8-layer cooling structure, realme GT Neo2 uses an all new thermal compound called the diamond thermal gel layer. The GT Neo2 is also the first ever smartphone to use this diamond thermal gel layer which contains 20% mesh diamond dust. realme uses this diamond dust as it is a much better thermal conductive material compared to other thermal compounds with up to 50% more effective in heat transfer to ensure the temperature of the GT Neo2 is controlled for long gaming sessions.

realme also increased the area of its stainless steel VC heatsink to 4129mm² which happens to be realme’s largest VC heatsink by far. This 4129mm² VC heatsink has an increased cooling area of 30% compared to realme’s previous generations which means it covers 68% of the motherboard and 42% of battery area to ensure the heat dissipation speed is more effective and efficient. The CPU temperature is decreased by 18 degrees celsius and a 20% increase in heat transfer so the GT Neo2 can run at its peak performance for a longer period of time.             

This impressive cooling chamber is made specially for gamers who prefer playing games on their smartphones. This is why the realme GT Neo2 is suitable for long hours of gaming while avoiding the phone from heating up and causing discomfort.        

Do stay tuned to realme Malaysia’s Facebook page on the 3rd of November, 3pm to catch the launch and more updates on the realme GT Neo2.              

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