Stay Comfortable for a Longer Time with Fresher Air at WCT Malls

WCT Malls installed the nanoe™ X technology air purification system for an additional extra layer of protection

Petaling Jaya, 11 March 2022 – WCT Malls Management Sdn Bhd, the property investment and management business under WCT Holdings Berhad (“WCT Group”) has taken safety precautions to the next level with the installation of the nanoe™ X technology air purification solution by Panasonic Malaysia. The air purification systems were deployed across all WCT Group business divisions in an effort to implement comprehensive safety precautions and measures for a cleaner and more hygienic atmosphere.

As the retail industry grapples with the repercussions of the COVID-19 pandemic, WCT Malls Management began to accelerate its strategic plans in ways to keep malls relevant in the new normal. In a bid to allure visitors back to the mall, WCT Malls improved its air quality management system to facilitate the current need in providing visitors with a safer environment and where they can shop comfortably at all premises under WCT Malls management namely Paradigm Mall PJ, Paradigm Mall JB, gateway@klia2 and SkyPark Terminal.

The nanoe™ X technology from Panasonic generates hydroxyl radicals contained in water that is proven effective in inhibiting pollutants, viruses and bacteria, purifying and deodorising the air and surfaces. Adding the Panasonic air purification technology that is effective in inhibiting more than 99% of the coronavirus and other harmful substances provides a clean and safe environment to our tenants, vendors, staff and most of all, our customers to relax and truly enjoy their shopping experience at WCT Malls.

Selena Chua, Chief Executive Officer – WCT Malls Management said, “As a social gathering destination, we understand our customers’ desire to indulge in entertainment, eat, drink, shop and meet loved ones following the various movement control orders (MCOs) that were enforced over the last two years. We want to reduce the risk faced by our visitors when they are exposed to different individuals each time they shop or gather at our premises. Therefore, we upgraded the malls’ facilities to offer a conducive environment for our patrons to have a pleasant experience as they spend quality time with their loved ones at our Malls.” 

The WCT Malls team has enforced multiple preventive measures and mitigation steps, including daily screening procedures, requiring the use of facemasks inside the premises, frequent hand washing and sanitising as well as adhering to social distancing. In addition, this technology will provide an additional layer of protection in terms of sanitisation and disinfection, prioritising the health and wellbeing of patrons, tenants and staff.

Ichiro Suganuma, Managing Director, QAFL Business Promotion Office, Panasonic Corporation said, “We are privileged and grateful to be the selected partner of WCT Group to provide a safer Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) system to the Group’s premises. This strategic partnership with WCT will involve malls, hotels and offices under its management. Panasonic’s patented nanoe™ X technology, developed after two decades of research, is capable of inhibiting the activity of Novel Coronavirus more than 99%. With this collaboration, we look forward to continuously contributing to a cleaner and safer IAQ for everyone.”

Through the collaboration with Panasonic, installation of this technology is also carried out at WCT Group’s respective divisions’ office premises, showrooms and hotels to provide staff members and guests a clean and comfortable environment to work productively with a peace of mind.

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