Shell Fleet Solutions garners triple triumph at the Asian Experience Awards 2023

The company won three awards for its exceptional contributions to partner and user experiences in the energy sector across Asia. 

Shell Malaysia Trading Sdn Bhd and Shell Pilipinas Corporation have secured a place in the spotlight by winning three prestigious awards at the esteemed Asian Experience Awards.

The accolades, Philippines Distribution Experience of the Year – Energy, Philippines User Experience of the Year – Energy, and Malaysia Partner Experience of the Year – Energy, acknowledge Shell’s exceptional contributions in enhancing partner and user experiences in the energy sector across multiple countries.

The Asian Experience Awards, celebrated for recognising excellence in delivering outstanding brand experiences across the Asian region, have commended Shell’s groundbreaking initiatives that have brought substantial benefits to both partners and users.

Bridging Partnerships with Grab

In a collaborative effort with ride-hailing and delivery app Grab, Shell Pilipinas initiated a nationwide Fleet Card distribution campaign aimed at providing economic relief to drivers and fostering mutual business growth. The campaign, which granted Grab drivers a 7-day payment term for fuel purchases through the Shell Fleet Card, has led to substantial economic relief for many drivers, considering the dynamic nature of their work.

The distribution of fleet cards presented logistical challenges due to the mobile workforce of Grab drivers. Frequent redelivery requirements resulted in increased courier expenses for Shell. To address this, Shell Pilipinas partnered with Shell Mobility Retail and Grab to launch a nationwide distribution campaign.

This strategic approach provided drivers with enticing incentives, such as snacks, Shell merchandise, and complimentary fuel, upon card collection at designated mobility sites. By adding value and encouraging prompt card collection, Shell ensured efficient distribution whilst avoiding extra costs.

To further promote the use of fleet cards for fuel purchases amongst drivers, an activation campaign was launched. It communicated the benefits of Fleet Cards to eligible Grab drivers and introduced an incentive programme. The efforts of Shell and Grab resulted in the distribution of more than 3,000 fleet cards in just five months, significantly reducing courier fees and doubling Grab’s volume growth with Shell.

The Grab Distribution Campaign won the Philippines Distribution Experience of the Year – Energy award and is a testament to Shell’s commitment to supporting partners and customers in challenging times and its innovative problem-solving approach.

Empowering SMEs with the Shell Fleet App

Meanwhile, for the Philippines User Experience of the Year – Energy award, Shell recognised the significant presence of small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) in the Philippines and their untapped potential. Shell introduced the Shell Fleet App (SFA), a digital solution addressing the unique needs of SMEs by streamlining the fleet card application process and offering a seamless transition to a cashless fuel management system.

The SFA allowed potential customers to create an account within minutes, eliminating the need for manual forms. It provided real-time card management features and monthly billing through electronic invoices, offering SMEs security, convenience, and time-saving benefits.
Launched in April 2022, the SFA garnered an overwhelmingly positive response from the market. In just one year, over 1,000 SME customers registered using the Shell Fleet App, resulting in a tenfold increase in SME customer acquisition.

Shell’s SFA is the first and only convenient solution of its kind in the Philippines, ensuring that no business is too small to access the benefits of the Shell Fleet Card. Ongoing enhancements to the app’s features reflect Shell’s dedication to providing the best user experience.

Fostering sustainable growth & strengthening partnerships

On the other hand, Shell Malaysia clinched the coveted title of Malaysia Partner Experience of the Year – Energy at the prestigious Asian Experience Awards for its dedication to creating an integrated fleet solution that fosters sustainable growth and strengthens partnerships
Recognising the urgency of addressing climate change and the need for sustainable business growth, Shell Malaysia embarked on an innovative and practical Accelerate to Zero (A2Z) programme in July 2022. This programme was conceived to pave a clear pathway to achieving net-zero emissions whilst addressing the mounting cost pressures faced by businesses.

The programme is a testament to Shell Malaysia’s commitment to sustainability. Unlike approaches that focus solely on single solutions such as electric vehicle (EV) charging points, the A2Z programme offers an integrated fleet solution. It combines a spectrum of energy solutions, including innovative Shell Fuels, Shell Recharge, Shell Telematics, and the Carbon Compensation Program, along with consultancy services.

In collaborative efforts towards sustainability, their approach involves a four-step process where they “diagnose” their fleet data, “build” a robust plan tailored to each customer’s needs, “deploy” customised solutions, and “realise” results through monitoring and tracking. This comprehensive approach underscores their commitment to collaborative sustainability efforts with their valued customers.

Recognising that the challenges of this decade cannot be addressed in isolation, Shell Malaysia collaborated with more than 150 customers, both large and small, in Malaysia on this transformative journey. Through the A2Z programme and the deployment of EV solutions, these industry leaders significantly reduced the environmental impact of their delivery fleets, transitioning towards more climate-neutral operations.

Shell remains unwavering in its commitment to being a key decarbonisation and fleet solutions provider for its transport partners. By facilitating their pursuit of sustainable growth, Shell Malaysia not only supports the industry in realising its sustainability aspirations but also aligns with Shell’s own ambition to become a net-zero emissions energy business by 2050.

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