Malaysia’s SplashMania Waterpark wins at the 43rd Annual Wave Review Awards by World Waterpark Association


Kuala Langat, 6 December 2023-Barely months since opening its gates to the public, Malaysia’s SplashMania Waterpark is not only literally, but also figuratively making waves and splashes on the world stage! The waterpark has been honoured with the prestigious Wave Review Award by the World Waterpark Association (WWA), and it proudly stands as the first Southeast Asian waterpark to achieve this remarkable distinction. SplashMania stood out among 300 contenders from around the world to clinch the “Best Waterpark Brochure” award at the 43rd Annual Wave Review Awards, hosted by WWA. The victory was officially announced at WWA’s 43rd Annual Symposium & Trade Show in New Orleans, USA, on October 26, 2023.

The annual Wave Review Awards by WWA represents a global celebration, recognising marketing and promotional excellence among industry players around the world. Entries are judged by marketing professionals based on several criteria including originality, creativity, innovation, and overall excellence.

“This accolade is not just a win; it’s a resounding testament to the tireless dedication and unwavering passion that each member of our SplashMania team invests daily. Our journey thus far started long before our grand opening, and it’s been nothing short of exhilarating,” said N. Sanjay, General Manager of Leisure & Hospitality at Gamuda Land, proprietors and operators of SplashMania.

“We’ve always believed in the magic we’re creating at SplashMania, and to see that belief translated into this recognition is incredibly rewarding. Winning this award mere months after our grand opening underscores our commitment to etching the SplashMania name on the international stage. Our gratitude goes out to our guests who have embraced SplashMania, and to the World Waterpark Association (WWA) for this incredible recognition,” he added.

Nestled within Gamuda Cove, the 18-acre SplashMania is set against a tropical setting ‘Where Nature Meets Fun’, offering guests heart-pounding thrills and bucket-list adventures to create experiences like no other. Home to 39 exhilarating slides and attractions, the waterpark comprises some of the first-of-its-kind experiences in Malaysia and the region. These include Atlantis VR, a Malaysian first which allows participants to dive into a fully immersive experience as they journey through the Lost City of Atlantis using virtual reality while riding down an actual waterslide.

The next ride which would send chills down your spine is The Plunge, a high-speed flume angled at 78 degrees, which plummets visitors from six storeys high from the top of the iconic Amazonia Ship. Meanwhile, the Wild Rush is one of the most notable water rides in the industry featuring a high-speed enclosed body slide featuring back-to-back curves and 360° loops, unleashing the wildest screams.

In addition to these pulse-pounding attractions, SplashMania has also hosted numerous exhilarating events, including Drip Drop Music Festival, Surf Battle Competition, as well as festivities like Splashy Raya and Light Up The Sky Diwali celebration. A favourite to the public, SplashMania has also been graced with birthday celebrations and even wedding proposals.

“With SplashMania, we have set out to rethink what a waterpark can be, and we’re only just getting started. We can’t wait to welcome more visitors from around the world to join us on this exciting journey. Together, we’ll keep making a splash on a global level and redefine the waterpark experience, one thrilling ride at a time,” said N. Sanjay.

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