Revolutionising the training arena with Gameka’s online game

The company received an award at the 2023 Malaysia National Business Awards.

In an increasingly digital and fast-paced market environment, talents have become sought after for organisations looking to succeed in highly competitive conditions. It has become imperative for organisations to acquire and retain the best talents around in order to have an edge against their competitors.

Gameka saw this opportunity and introduced their revolutionary solution to talent retention: an online real-time collaborative and competitive game that helps organisations learn the best ways to retain and hire the best talents. Through this game, people from around the world can play and learn together, cutting across all borders and time zones in a fully-online environment that is also highly customisable to accommodate people from all backgrounds, cultures and companies.

For this development, Gameka received the Training and Development Award in this year’s Malaysia National Business Awards. The awards programme, presented by Asian Business Review, celebrates the achievements and innovations of businesses in Malaysia in bringing the best results for their operations through groundbreaking technology or excellent business decision-making.

Gameka distinguished themselves with a never-before-seen approach to training and development through their online game that allows organisations to stay competitive in retaining and hiring the right talents.

After conducting initial market research for nine months to identify the key drivers in the war for talent, Gameka concluded that employers and leaders simply fault the market or their inability to pay higher salaries when the actual solution resided in a simple supply and demand formula; supply to the talents what motivates them and they will join or stay with the organisation. While there is no one-size-fits-all method to allow organisation leaders to pick up the information, the online game presents a more interactive, collaborative, and competitive way of learning the ropes.

First conceptualised before the Covid-19 pandemic forced the world to a halt, Gameka’s online game became much more valuable when physical training came to a halt, as the platform was positioned perfectly as a developed online solution to teach the necessary information to stay ahead in the talent war.

Gameka’s first and biggest global client was PepsiCo, signing on for pilot runs and providing participants to assess the platform’s viability. Members from PepsiCo provided positive feedback towards the completion of the game, as well as bug reports and problems that enabled Gameka to polish out the product.

Three months after the first trial runs with PepsiCo, Gameka was able to complete the game and turn it into an engaging and learning experience for those involved, alongside adding another client in the form of Schneider Electronics.

Participants are located in areas such as Brazil to South Africa to Vietnam, all connected through the game where managers discover different tools and information to leverage to stay ahead in the talent acquisition competition. Gameka states that the game can support 10 languages and that future instalments will include a self-led gaming experience that allows learners to take in the information on their own at their own pace anywhere.

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