Revolutionising Generational Financial Literacy on World Children’s Day: Jopez Academy and Little Tauke Join Forces

The partnership between Jopez Academy and Little Tauke is a collaboration focused on co-organised workshops & combined package offerings.

Revolutionising Generational Financial Literacy on World Children’s Day: Jopez Academy and Little Tauke Join Forces
Photo: Ernest Tan speaking to participants in a workshop

Kuala Lumpur, 17 November 2023 – Financial illiteracy is a massive issue in Malaysia. Not only do 71% of Malaysians save less than RM500 per month, but youth bankruptcy stands at 13.5 per cent as of 2022. This sadly comes as no surprise with 1 in 3 Malaysians rating themselves as low on financial knowledge, according to the National Financial Literacy Strategy 2019-2023. Clearly, especially for our youth, there needs to be a huge push when it comes to financial literacy.

Here is where Jopez Academy and Little Tauke — two of the leading financial literacy platforms in Malaysia and Singapore — step in. The two organisations have announced an official strategic partnership in line with World Children’s Day (20 November). This collaborative synergy is aimed to provide comprehensive financial education to young people and their families. The partnership includes co-organised camps, workshops, and packaged offerings that allow families to combine classes across both organisations for a more comprehensive approach to financial literacy. 

Pioneering Asian family financial education since September 2011, Jopez Academy prioritises teaching the concept of ‘financial parenting’. The academy guides teenagers and adults through crises, reshapes financial approaches, and enhances communication, successfully training parents in Singapore and Malaysia to much positive feedback. This is mainly conducted through workshops like their “Financial Smart Parents: Money Matters for Parents” and “Financial Parenting Workshop” offerings.

“We believe that financial literacy is a fundamental skill that transcends generations. My personal journey from financial hardship to success inspired me to share my experience with  teenagers and adults alike. Now, through our partnership with Little Tauke, we want to work towards bridging the financial knowledge gap among all members of the family, so people across all the generations can become more financially savvy,” said Ernest Tan, founder of Jopez Academy.

Revolutionising Generational Financial Literacy on World Children’s Day: Jopez Academy and Little Tauke Join Forces
Photo: Ernest Tan highlighting a featured book amidst an engaging workshop

Little Tauke, on the other hand, plays their part through its expertise on teaching financial literacy to children at a foundational level. They offer skill-based learning primarily through their acclaimed financial literacy program. Notably, in 2020, Little Tauke clinched the prestigious Readers’ Choice Award for Best Kids’ Financial Literacy Programme, underscoring their significant impact across various states in Malaysia.

We understand the significance of comprehensive financial education for individuals of all ages, and have always focused on establishing financial literacy from an early age. Our focus on kids’ financial literacy means that through our partnership with Jopez Academy, we can come together to address the varying needs of parents, teenagers, and children, ensuring everyone can make informed financial decisions,”stated Ng Pui Yee, CEO of Little Tauke.

With this partnership, Jopez Academy and Little Tauke will be able to serve children, teenagers, and adults with clear, accessible, and practical financial literacy knowledge. As part of this joint effort to address financial literacy across all ages, new initiatives have been introduced. For young people, the Youth Warrior Camp is a 3 day, 2 night workshop that focuses on teens aged 12 – 17 years old.

On the other hand, for parents, there is an upcoming Financial Parenting webinar happening from 19 January 2024 to 21 January 2024 — the sessions will take place from 8.30pm to 10.30pm, with 2 scholarships available for each workshop. For those who cannot attend, don’t fret; the next workshop will be conducted in March 2024, so there’s still time!

Both Jopez Academy and Little Tauke have major plans for their expansions — with a focus on growth in Southeast Asia for 2024 — and the two academies are exploring ongoing and upcoming collaborations with educational institutions as well as other financial literacy initiatives. With this perfect synergy, both organisations aim to set every man, woman, and child in Malaysia up for peak financial success. For more information, visit

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