Rejuvenate Your Skin With Herborist

Herborist’s Anti-Ageing Series, T’ai Chi and Imperial Wu-Xing Series, Are Now Available at Selected Parkson Stores Across Malaysia

PETALING JAYA, 29th November 2022 – Herborist today has launched their premium skincare product series, Imperial Wu-Xing and T’ai Chi Series, to all Malaysians. The precious ingredients and advanced technology applied in these two series provide users with enhanced skin conditions. Both anti-aging lines are now available for offline purchase at selected Parkson outlets across Malaysia.

Herborist is known and loved by skincare consumers for their Chinese herbal-based ingredients and alcohol-free skincare products. Following the ideal state of Chinese culture, nature and balance, the team has devoted their attention to finding and melding together the most suitable herbals for skincare products. They subtly blend traditional knowledge and the most innovative formulas to create products that can instantly solve skin problems from the root cause and stabilise skin conditions for a longer period.

“Here at Herborist, we’ve come to realise the growing demand for anti-aging products among Malaysian skincare consumers. With age, our skin will become less elastic, more fragile, and drier whilst wrinkles, fine lines, and age spots start appearing on the skin. Malaysians believe anti-aging skincare is a must-do routine in assisting to slow down the speed of skin ageing effectively. Hence, we are introducing two series best suited to aid this need. We believe our consumers will be able to maintain optimal skin conditions with our products,” said Alex Pan, the CEO and Chairman of Shanghai Jahwa.

T’ai Chi Series

The Tai Chi series is designed for people who often stay up late and are forced to go about their day with minimal sleep. Condenses Paeonia Suffruticosa and Lindera Strychnifolia root extracts are included in this product series with the exclusive Biological Clock Technology to allow skin to return to the normal rhythm, enhance the skins’ self-protection in all aspects and potentially reverse skin damage.

Within this series, there are:

  • Revitalizing Repair Cream
  • Revitalizing Repair Eye Cream
  • Revitalizing Repair Toner
  • Revitalizing Repair Essence

Imperial Wu-Xing Extra Control Concentrate Line

Inspired by the Taixuan Codex, Herborist combines precious herbal extracts in this Imperial Wu-Xing line, including Pearls, Panax Ginseng, Solomon’s Seal, Osmanthus Flower and Amber, to give extra control to the natural dynamics of skin ageing. These five ingredients represent the metal, wood, water, fire and earth, respectively, in the Taixuan Codex to maintain a brighten skin, protect skin from free radicals and loss of elasticity, hydrate deeper layers of the skin, accelerate skin’s metabolism and support absorption.

Skincare professionals applied the M3 Pro Technology to this series for high efficacy and long-lasting results. With this technology, the ingredients will be coated in multiple layers for sustained release to reduce fine lines and wrinkles, improve the aged skin’s appearance and make users look youthful. In addition, this series also contains Yeast Extract with concentrated antioxidants to improve the skin’s natural defences. This product range is suitable for women aged 25 and above who wish to keep their skin looking youthful.

This Imperial Wu-Xing line compromises:

  • Imperial Wu-Xing Facial Cleanser
  • Imperial Wu-Xing Toner
  • Imperial Wu-Xing Essence
  • Imperial Wu-Xing Eye Essence
  • Imperial Wu-Xing Eye Cream
  • Imperial Wu-Xing Emulsion
  • Imperial Wu-Xing Day Cream
  • Imperial Wu-Xing Night Cream

T’ai Chi Series and Imperial Wu Xing Series are available from RM 1,600 and RM 3,920 onwards, respectively. Those interested in purchasing T’ai Chi and Imperial Wu-Xing series can drop by any Herborist outlets at Parkson Pavilion Bukit Jalil, Pavilion KL, One Utama and Sunway Velocity. To learn more about Herborist and their various skincare products, visit their official website at

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