Redefining the Reskilling Process: How ReSkills is Making Professional Development Learning More Accessible For the Next Generation of Entrepreneurs

Redefining the Reskilling Process: How ReSkills is Making Professional Development Learning More Accessible For the Next Generation of Entrepreneurs
The ReSkills team at their headquarters in Petaling Jaya

Kuala Lumpur, 22 April 2024 — Self-employment has been gaining momentum with Gen Z, with one in three naming it as one of the best ways to achieve wealth. At the very least, many Gen Z jobseekers are searching for careers that offer professional fulfilment while matching their values and interests – and entrepreneurship has quickly become one of the most popular choices. In spite of this, a significant knowledge gap persists, with many aspiring entrepreneurs facing barriers due to a lack of access to entrepreneurial education and resources. ReSkills, a subscription-based digital platform centred around curating accessible entrepreneurship education, is stepping up to address this.

Founded to bridge the gap in professional development learning within Malaysia, ReSkills quickly expanded its reach to address similar gaps in other countries. The platform operates across 70 countries, including Malaysia, Indonesia, India, the Philippines, Vietnam, and more. ReSkills’ courses consist of career-focused curricula complementing academic learning, supported by the three main pillars of Professional Growth, Career Development, and Entrepreneurship.

Redefining the Reskilling Process: How ReSkills is Making Professional Development Learning More Accessible For the Next Generation of Entrepreneurs
Jin Tan, Founder and CEO of ReSkills, at the ReSkills soft launching ceremony

“We started ReSkills to provide everyone with affordable and accessible entrepreneurial know-how, regardless of background. The world is changing, and the old system isn’t working with the younger generation any more,” shared Jin Tan, Founder and CEO of ReSkills. “We have realised most of our consumers are keen on entrepreneur classes, and we want to provide them with all the soft skills they need to develop in their career, or even start their own business.”

Utilising user-friendly technology, learners now have a space where they can reskill and upskill to their fullest potential, through hands-on and practical courses taught by key industry leaders. Available at an incredibly affordable subscription-based model of only US $1 a month, the classes cover topics such as Small Business Development, Search Engine Marketing, Market Research, and Human Resource Management. The platform also ensures access to quality education options 365 days a year, backed by unique features like OnLIVE, where learners can gain knowledge from global master coaches in real-time.

Other features include OnTheGo, which allows students to enjoy the flexibility of passive learning where learners can pause, fast forward or skip ahead to the relevant lesson as and when needed. Learners are also able to interact directly with some of the brightest minds in their field via expertise sharing with monthly OnStage sessions. Through dynamic live-sharing conference sessions with the OnFerence feature, learners worldwide can access real-time, 24/7 interactive courses – in multiple languages, no less – led by local and international expert coaches to enhance their soft skills and knowledge anytime, anywhere.

ReSkills’ commitment to its goal is reaffirmed by its glowing qualifications, which include certifications from esteemed institutions such as the Institute of Training and Occupational Learning (iTOL) and the Quality Licence Scheme (QLS). The platform has also won multiple prestigious awards for its commitment to driving innovation in professional development education.

This includes the 2021 JCI Malaysia Sustainable Development Award — granted to sustainable projects conducted by Malaysian companies and organisations that advance any of the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) — in recognition of their alignment with Goal 4 (Quality Education), Goal 8 (Decent Work and Economic Work), and Goal 9 (Industry, Innovation and Infrastructure) of the UN SDGs. ReSkills has also received the International Innovation Awards 2022, an independent award recognising outstanding innovations across multiple fields.

Looking towards the future, ReSkills is working to expand its current pool of almost 700 mentors to 3000 mentors by the end of 2024. Interested parties can reach out to +60 16-245 6879 (Jegan). For more information on ReSkills, from both a student or a mentor perspective, visit

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