Red Grocer Supports the Johor Community At The Black Saturday Event with Subsidized Prices

Red Grocer, a Malaysian Grown Brand & Contactless Poultry Grocer Hosted An Event To Support the KITA JAGA KITA Initiative – Offers Chicken For Sale At only RM8.70 / kg

Kuala Lumpur, 19 February 2022 – Continuing their year along efforts so far, Red Grocer and Ayam Putih – hosted a Black Saturday event with the aims to help the community that is still recovering from the pandemic, in conjunction with their Kita Jaga Kita initiative.

The event was visited and acknowledged by YB Senator Tuan Wan Ahmad Fayhsal Bin Wan Ahmad Kamal, Deputy Minister of Unity Malaysia. He saidRed Grocer and Ayam Putih’ community efforts in selling their poultry at an affordable price point for the is highly appreciated by all. This is how we create unity and bring our country together, to stand as one and help each other during tough times, he says.

Red Grocer’s Kita jaga Kita’s prime objective is to provide sustainable aid to help the targeted community that is still recovering from the distressing effects that the pandemic and the recent floods have brought upon the nation both financially and economically. The event offered affordable chicken purchases at only RM8.70 per kg, allowing the Johor community to buy poultry sufficiently against the rise in prices for goods and groceries across the country.

“Red Grocer’s mission is to help the community that is struggling, notably by selling chicken which are subsidised to support sustainable buying. Chicken supply is scarce now, and the ones that are available in the market are proving to be expensive for many. Therefore, we strive to achieve a win-win situation for all parties involved, especially for our consumers, allowing them to purchase chickens at a reasonable and affordable price,” says Farhan Director of Red Grocer

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