• Collaboration with LEADING TAIWANESE BANK, E.SUN will make RMS solutions available in over 13,000 convenience stores in Taiwan, tapping into new customers.
  • RMS has doubled its monthly transactions and is on track to triple by end of this year.
  • This milestone partnership signals a new phase of regional growth for the brand.

Shah Alam, 31 October 2023 – Razer Merchant Services (RMS), a division of Razer Fintech, announced a landmark collaboration with Google Play in Taiwan and E.SUN Bank, a leading Taiwanese financial institution, that is set to boost the regional expansion of the service. This collaboration represents an important step for RMS to cement its place as a leading payment gateway for merchants in the Southeast Asia region, solidifying its commitment to delivering efficient and cost-effective cross-border payment solutions.

With this partnership, Google Play in Taiwan has introduced RMS’ payment methods, facilitating cash-over-counter transactions at over 13,000 convenience stores, including 7-Eleven, Family Mart, and Hi-Life, as well as Virtual Account/Bank Transfer payment methods for Google Play purchases. With this, app developers who use Google Play can now seamlessly process transactions using RMS’ comprehensive suite of payment methods, ensuring a frictionless and convenient experience which could potentially benefit customers in Taiwan.

RMS’ digital payment solutions will offer consumers an alternative payment method across these international convenience store chains, where they will not be charged a service fee that may come with credit card payments. This brings more convenient and cost-efficient payment options to Taiwanese consumers.

As the payment landscape continues to evolve rapidly, RMS remains at the forefront of innovation, constantly expanding their range of payment methods to meet the dynamic needs of businesses and consumers.

“Working with Google showcases the increasing demand for our seamless payment solutions”, said Lee Li Meng, CEO of Razer Fintech. “As part of this collaboration, we’ve been able to introduce Google to a whole new pool of paid users – driving sales growth and enhancing customer experiences across borders.”

RMS has emerged as a trusted partner for businesses in Southeast Asia, offering a wide range of payment solutions tailored to the unique needs of the region. In Taiwan, where cross-border payments are primarily limited to credit cards and e-wallets, RMS is now collaborating with E.SUN Bank to provide solutions that cater to market and merchant requirements.

“As a leading financial institution within the market, our goal is to facilitate growth at all levels,” said Sean Lin, Senior Executive Vice President of E.Sun Bank Credit Card and Payment Division. “Through this collaboration with RMS, we aim to streamline foreign exchange complexities, government transaction claims, refund processes, and payment customer services. By simplifying these aspects, we hope merchants can focus on their core business operations, while we provide a seamless and secure payment experience for valued customers.”

The new solution within the market from RMS also looks to directly tackle the increasing reports of fraud in credit card transactions. By offering these payment options with stringent Know Your Customer (KYC) processes, RMS significantly minimizes the occurrence of fraudulent activities, providing customers with a secure payment experience.

Through this strategic collaboration, RMS now has the capability to process transactions in Taiwanese Dollar and settle cross-border purchases in United State Dollar. This significant advancement not only brings added convenience and savings for shoppers but also empowers businesses and merchants to broaden their market reach and provide seamless payment experience.

With over 18 years of experience in the payment industry, RMS has established itself as a trusted leader in providing comprehensive payment solutions. Recently, RMS has achieved significant milestones by securing direct acquiring licenses for Visa and Mastercard. Through these collaborations, RMS merchants across various industries can seamlessly connect to an extensive range of products and solutions, offering their customers a convenient and secure payment experience.

For more information, please visit https://merchant.razer.com/.

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