Prime Video Announces the Premiere Date for the Amazon Original Film Budak Flat, Reinforcing Its Commitment to Local Content Investment

Budak Flat is a story about two brothers–Aman, a former snatch thief, and Riz, a drug kingpin–who find themselves reluctantly pitted against one another

Starring Zahiril Adzim, Pablo Amirul, Nabila Huda, Balan Kash, and Aaron Aziz

Budak Flat will be available in Malaysia and 24 other countries in Asia on 16 November, 2023

Singapore, 2 November 2023—Today, global streaming service Prime Video announced its first Amazon Original film from Malaysia, Budak Flat, which will be exclusively available in Malaysia and 24 other countries in Asia on 16 November.  

The story unfolds in the gritty and atmospheric setting of a neglected Kuala Lumpur flat, where secrets, allegiances, and betrayals run deep. At its core, Budak Flat is a story of two brothers, one a former snatch thief (Aman), and the other a drug kingpin (Riz), each unwillingly serving as the other’s greatest adversary.

Tensions escalate when Aman is accused of murdering a respected gang member, leading him to a perilous crossroad. To avoid succumbing to the pressures of Riz’s gang, Aman must either find the true perpetrator or face a future he desperately wishes to avoid. As the battle for supremacy between the two brothers intensifies, the low-cost flat’s residents become unwillingly entangled in the gang war within their own building. 

“We are pleased to be partnering with Skop Productions in bringing Budak Flat to Prime Video. We are proud to support Malaysian storytelling and look forward to showcasing Budak Flat to audiences in SEA and beyond,” said David Simonsen, director of Prime Video, Southeast Asia.

Budak Flat aims to capture the dilemma faced when we have to choose between family and our own personal choice. For two brothers trying to survive in a rough neighbourhood, these pressures culminate in a gripping, violent climax that spills over to the community,” said film director Eugene Lim. “Using iconic flats in downtown Kuala Lumpur at the setting of the story, I wanted to capture the diversity, texture and the unique rugged feel of the flat and its community.”

“We are excited to be sharing this thrilling story with not only our local audience but with Asian audiences on the Prime Video service,” added producer Shamin Yusof, who has brought notable action films like KL Gangster Underworld and Abang Long Fadil to Malaysian audiences. “With commanding performances from Zahiril, Pablo and Nabila, the story of territory and turf wars is brought to another level as we wonder who is right and wrong in the fight of survival”

What sets Budak Flat apart is its commitment to authenticity, fronting the rich tapestry of Malaysian culture, traditions, and everyday life. The film provides a glimpse into the stories of the neighbors who share more than just a roof over their heads in the densely packed flats – they share friendship, laughter, and the pursuit of their dreams.

The film is produced by Skop Productions, with Syafiq Yusof on board as advisor, and co-directed by Eugene Lim, who is making his directorial debut after working extensively in TV commercials across Southeast Asia, Woo Ming Jin, and Faizal Ishak. The cast is headed by some notable actors such as Zahiril Adzim, Pablo Amirul, Nabila Huda, Balan Kash, and Aaron Aziz.

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