Panasonic Announces New LUMIX S9 Compact Full-Frame Mirrorless Camera

The smallest and lightest edition of the LUMIX S Series*1 the camera features a stylish compact design in multiple colour variations

Offering outstanding imaging performance with approx. 24.2MP full-frame sensor, the LUMIX S9 makes it easier to shoot and share to social media in 30 seconds*2 via the new LUMIX Lab app

Panasonic Announces New LUMIX S9 Compact Full-Frame Mirrorless Camera
From left to right; Mr.Eric Yap (Head of Consumer Business, Shriyo Marketing Sdn Bhd), Mr.Michael Teh (Managing Director of Shriyo Marketing Sdn Bhd), Mr.Takahiro Oyama (Deputy Managing Director, Panasonic Appliance)

Kuala Lumpur, 29 May 2024Panasonic is proud to announce the LUMIX S9, the smallest and lightest full-frame mirrorless camera in the LUMIX S Series. Available in a choice of colors – Jet Black, Crimson Red, Dark Olive, and Dark Silver – the LUMIX S9 is a stylish companion for content creators on the go.

The approx.24.2-megapixel full-frame CMOS sensor, equivalent to that of the LUMIX S5II, and the latest engine capture content in rich detail with natural tones. In addition, the camera is equipped with PDAF (Phase Detection Auto-Focus), which provides excellent subject tracking, and Active I.S., which significantly reduces blurring from camera shake even when shooting handheld, allowing users to shoot confidently, whatever the situation.

The LUMIX S9 also allows creators to easily enjoy a range of popular, classic or bespoke color styles in-camera with the popular REAL TIME LUT function via a new dedicated ‘LUT’ button on the camera body.

Panasonic Announces New LUMIX S9 Compact Full-Frame Mirrorless Camera

In addition, the new LUMIX Lab app enables creators to develop their own unique LUT color files on their smartphone. This means users can effortlessly generate original and shareable stills and videos without the need of post-production editing on a computer, expanding the scope of creative possibilities. The speed of transferring data from camera to smartphone has also been improved with the new app.

The LUMIX S9 introduces a new recording format; MP4 Lite. Shooting Open Gate in 4:2:0 10 bit in 30p/25p, creators can capture high quality videos in the optimum format for smartphone, and easily resize aspect ratios to suit social media with the LUMIX Lab app. With this new streamlined editing workflow, content creators can easily shoot and share while on the go.

The official launch of the LUMIX S9 was held on 29 May 2024, at AfterOne, Kuala Lumpur, and was officiated by the Deputy Managing Director of Panasonic Appliances Marketing Asia Pacific, Mr Takahiro Oyama.

“The new LUMIX S9 is more than another piece of technology to facilitate content creation. It is designed to be your creative companion. The photos and videos captured eternalise not just memories, but stories unique to one’s life – and this camera makes this process far more intuitive and seamless,”shared Mr. Oyama.

Panasonic aims to offer a new enjoyable shooting experience to creators with the LUMIX S9, making the journey from capturing to sharing the moment seamless and intuitive. Whether you’re a professional photographer or a social media enthusiast, the LUMIX S9 provides the perfect blend of performance, style, and convenience.

Alongside the LUMIX S9, Panasonic has introduced the LUMIX S 26mm F8 (S-R26) at RM 1,099, an incredibly compact and lightweight full frame lens. The slim design enhances portability while still keeping its high resolution and outstanding image quality.

With a fixed focal length of 26mm, an F-stop of F8, and manual focus, this new pancake lens is designed for the enjoyment of casual and creative shooting. Perfect for spontaneously capturing fleeting moments, the 26mm delivers unique results compared to the existing line-up of LUMIX S Series wide-angle, fixed focal length lenses.

Beside the Lumix S-R26, Panasonic will also be releasing the new LUMIX S 18-40mm F4.5-6.3 lens to the full frame LUMIX S Series lens line-up soon. A compact and versatile zoom lens ideal for daily use, the upcoming 18-40mm has the closest shooting distance of 0.15m/0.49ft. This lens covers focal lengths from an ultra-wide angle of 18mm to a semi-standard 40mm, allowing for the flexibility to capture expansive landscapes and buildings or portrait shots in a natural perspective. The design of the lenses, perfectly matches the LUMIX S9, creating a cohesive and stylish look for users who value both form and function.

Distributed by Shriyo Marketing, the LUMIX S9 is available for pre-order at RM 7,599 for the DC-S9GA Body alone, and RM 8,999 for the DC-S9KGA, which comes with an R2060 Lens. Models pre-ordered via retail from 30 May to 30 June 2024 will be available in the colours Jet Black and Dark Olive, while those pre-ordered from Lazada or Shopee from 6 to 30 June 2024 will be available in Jet Black and Crimson Red. All pre-orders of the LUMIX S9 will come with a free gift of a SmallRig L-Shape Handle, a battery pack, and a 64GB SanDisk Extreme Pro SD Card.

Panasonic Announces New LUMIX S9 Compact Full-Frame Mirrorless Camera
Panasonic Announces New LUMIX S9 Compact Full-Frame Mirrorless Camera
Panasonic Announces New LUMIX S9 Compact Full-Frame Mirrorless Camera


Main Features (Lumix S9)

1. The first compact design in the LUMIX S Series, combining a small and lightweight body with high image quality

・Compact and lightweight body weighing approximately 403g/0.89 lb*3

・Approx. 24.2-megapixel full-frame CMOS sensor and the latest engine deliver powerful imaging performance.

・Improved real-time recognition AF with PDAF (Phase Detection Auto-Focus) for more precise subject tracking performance.

・Industry leading image stabilization technology with 5-axis Dual I.S.2: 6.5 stops*4 / Body I.S.: 5 stops*5 and Active I.S. compensate for camera shake when shooting while walking. With perspective distortion correction and High mode in the E-Stabilization (Video) function, it is now possible to achieve even more stable footage when shooting on the move. 

・Equipped with MP4 Lite, a new smartphone-optimized Open Gate video mode

・Free-angle rear screen for flexible shooting at all angles

2. New LUMIX Lab app for effortless connection

・Allows high-speed transfer of photos and videos from the camera to a smartphone.

・Enables users to easily create original LUT files and transfer them from a smartphone to the camera, allowing them to enjoy their own preferred color expressions. Moreover, it is possible to apply other creator’s LUT available in the app. 

・Quick and easy editing of MP4 Lite video files optimized for social media sharing

3. REAL TIME LUT for a wider range of creative expression

・Fully customizable LUT color files can be loaded in-camera for creative shooting

・Dedicated LUT button on the camera body for direct access to LUT settings

・Added opacity control and grain effect to further enhance creativity

・Up to 2 LUT files can be applied at the same time

*1 Within LUMIX S series line up, as of May 22nd, 2024.

*2 The total time it takes to transfer a JPEG photo or a 5-second short video shot in MP4 (Lite) mode to an iOS-supported smartphone using the LUMIX LAB app, including cropping in case of video, and posting to social media. Study conducted under Panasonic standards. Results may vary depending on network environment.

*3 Body and shoe cover. Excluding the body cap. The combined weight of the body, shoe cover, battery, and SD memory card is approximately 486g/1.08 lb.

*4 Based on the CIPA standard [Yaw/Pitch direction: focusing distance f=200mm] when S-E70200 is used.

*5 Based on the CIPA standard [Yaw/Pitch direction: focusing distance f=60mm] when S-R2060 is used.

Main Features (S-R26)

1. A new fixed focal length pancake lens in the LUMIX S Series

・Manual focus allows creators to take full control of their own personal style of content creation

・The lens has a wide angle of 26mm and a fixed F-stop of F8

2. Compact, lightweight lens perfect for everyday  

・Ultimate portability with a thin and lightweight body that fits into your pocket

・Easy to carry around and start shooting at a moment’s notice, making it ideal for spontaneous snapshots

・Overall length of approximately 18.1mm and a weight of approximately 58g/0.13lb.

・ This lens is for manual focus only, fixed at F8. The camera’s AF setting and some MF assist functions cannot be used.

・ External filters cannot be attached.

• L-Mount is a trademark or registered trademark of Leica Camera AG.

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