One Shenton receives Gold certification from Nparks for integration of greenery into building upgrading initiatives

Strategic investments in residential property upgrades help lower maintenance fees by 12%

One Shenton receives Gold certification from Nparks for integration of greenery into building upgrading initiatives

Singapore, January 2024 – One Shenton has received the Gold certification from the National Parks Board (NParks) under the Landscape Excellence Assessment Framework (LEAF) certification scheme. The recognition is attributed to One Shenton’s initiatives to incorporate biophilic design including vertical greenery as part of the development’s building upgrades, showcasing a commitment by its owners to embrace sustainable and nature-centric landscape design.

Organizations involved in One Shenton’s LEAF certification include the condominium’s managing body (MCST3748), Managing agent Savills Property Management, Architect/ Landscape Architect CKA Consultants / CKA Design, Landscape Contractor GWS Living Art, and Builder Abramtle International. Before commencing building upgrades, the MCST identified cost-saving opportunities (combining technology and energy savings initiatives) to ensure the necessary investments could be funded without raising management fees.

One Shenton receives Gold certification from Nparks for integration of greenery into building upgrading initiatives

One Shenton started its series of skyrise greenery architectural facelifts in 2018 and applied for financial support through the NParks’ Skyrise Greenery Incentive Scheme (SGIS)). This is an initiative to encourage owners of existing buildings to enhance their built environment with rooftop and vertical greenery, where up to 50% of installation costs of rooftop and vertical greenery can be funded by NParks.

Since One Shenton’s landscape enhancements concluded in 2013, condo unit owners (subsidiary proprietors SPs”) saw a cumulative reduction of 12% for the development’s maintenance fees, which include the management fund, sinking fund, and one-off rebates.

LEAF is the first and only scheme in Singapore that is solely dedicated to recognizing the provision and management of greenery in developments and parks. In addition to showcasing projects and efforts of developers, landscape architects, architects, contractors, and maintenance agents that incorporate biophilic design into urban landscapes, the LEAF certification also helps inform the public of the quality of landscapes of the certified development.

LEAF applies to new and existing development projects, and the certification is valid for five years. Projects are assessed on a variety of aspects including Community Wellbeing & Engagement, Environmental Sustainability, and Design and Landscaping.

“The addition of rooftop and vertical greenery at One Shenton has helped us to harness the inherent benefits that nature brings to our urban environment. The biophilic design offers tangible benefits, including improved air quality, reduced energy consumption, and a positive impact on the well-being of our residents, neighbors, passersby, and CBD office workers. Receiving the LEAF award will not only elevate One Shenton’s allure as an urban oasis but also establish that condominium owners can enjoy long-term benefits when they align with Singapore’s vision of becoming a City in Nature.” said Alexandre COLLIN, the chairperson of One Shenton’s management council.

“Retrofitting on a large scale for an existing building was not without challenges, especially with rising construction costs. We were fortunate to have NParks’ expertise and support as we sought to find cost-effective solutions to incorporate an optimum green scheme. Integrating sustainable elements was paramount and the LEAF framework was useful in our journey to enhance the development’s climate, social, and ecological resilience. By creating a beautiful and lush environment with natural elements, we have also managed to elevate One Shenton’s visual profile and impact in the CBD. ” Cheryl Tan, Director, CKA Design Pte Ltd

Located right across from Lau Pa Sat, Singapore’s most iconic hawker center, numerous tourists have been seen capturing selfies amidst One Shenton’s “green pillars forest”. The green facade of One Shenton was also featured in the “Little Women” Korean drama. With the building enhancements, One Shenton’s street-level Food and Beverage (F&B) tenants have benefited from improved business, allowing the MCST to extract more value from the Outdoor Refreshment Area (ORA) in front of the restaurants.

One Shenton receives Gold certification from Nparks for integration of greenery into building upgrading initiatives

One Shenton’s consistent approach to facilities management over twelve years has been instrumental in safeguarding the condominium’s resale and rental values. The commitment to improve shared facilities and integrate the built environment with more greenery has helped to enhance the property’s appeal and combined with its central location in Singapore’s CBD, has contributed to its enduring desirability in the real estate market.

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