Niro Ceramic Group expands Niro Granite’s tile collections: Pedregal, Legacy & Vogue Grande

The new innovative collection brings practical luxury to both home and commercial spaces

Shah Alam, 23 September 2021: Niro Ceramic Group, the world’s leading tile company, launches its newly extended tile collections, bringing today’s latest trends to life under its flagship Niro Granite brand to spruce up both commercial and residential spaces. The collections bring new additions to their innovative Slip Stop series — Pedregal and Legacy; and debut Niro Granite’s first large-format tiles, Vogue Grande

The Slip Stop feature is a revolutionary breakthrough technology that increases friction on glazed porcelain tiles when in contact with water, thanks to the infusion of a special material. These anti-slip tiles reduce the risk of slipping and injury in residential and commercial establishments. The smooth surface of the tiles in trendy designs paired with anti-slip features allow for greater versatility in planning and installation, resulting in an easier decision-making process. Tested with the Pendulum Test (P ratings), all tiles under the Slip Stop series achieved a minimum of P4 in the slip resistance test (P5 being the highest resistance). The tiles are also resistant to stains , indicating their suitability for residential and commercial floorings as they are easy to clean without regular special maintenance.

“Niro Ceramic Group has long held a strong belief in the philosophy of relentless innovation to pioneer the future of home and commercial design. The new generation of tile collections will completely elevate the buying and selection process for planning & designing residential as well as commercial spaces,” said Ian Kok, the Managing Director of Niro Ceramic Group. “We have come out with the latest featured collections that blend with the other aspects of the space and on-trending designs without compromising its safety feature. Hence provide more freedom for our consumers to choose from,” he added.

Pedregal by Niro Granite

Pedregal is a contemporary porcelain tile inspired by the prestigious  Ceppo di Gré — an ornamental stone quarried from the Lombardy region in Northern Italy. It adopts the ubiquitous and elegant characteristics of the natural stone that paradoxically draws attention with its grey hues. Pedregal comes in 4 colours named Breccia, Ceppo, Issio and Palladi.

Legacy by Niro Granite

Narrating the essence of mother nature, Legacy’s design is inspired by an Italian stone from Tuscany, Cipollino Marble — a metamorphic rock that comes with thick, wavy and crystalline veins. The design articulates depth and durability, both exceptional characteristics of Italian stone. Legacy is available in three colours, namely Silver Ash, Steel Grey and Black Copper.

Vogue Grande by Niro Granite

The Vogue Grande Collection, characterized by its bold marble designs, is haute couture in the world of tiles, dominating interior design and the architecture landscape with its elegance and style. The collection of large format-tiles offer a series of added benefits: they are ideal for creating an illusion of space on floors and walls, especially in compact areas, achieving a sleek finish with minimal joints between tiles and are easy to maintain. Other than wall and flooring, the large tiles can be put to use in various ways, for example as table tops, kitchen islands, counter tops, feature walls, building columns and outdoor ponds.Vogue Grande comes in 10 different designs in white, black and grey shades, and is available in a wide range of large sizes; 90x180cm, 120x240cm, 120x120cm and 160x320cm.

Suiting various spaces and practicalities, Niro Ceramic Group offers a wide range of wall and floor tiles. For more information and latest updates, kindly visit Niro Granite’s Official Facebook page or their website

*Pendulum Tests (P ratings) help determine the slip resistance of tile and its suitability for each area of application, with P5 being the highest resistance.

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