Nippon Designers School Malaysia College

The first creative college from Japan open in Malaysia June 2022!

A creative college in Bandar Sunway, Selangor where students can study manga and illustration, which are the pride of Japan. Features a practical curriculum incorporating both Malaysian and Japanese culture.

The only Japanese college in Malaysia
IRFIGO Malaysia Sdn. Bhd. will open NIPPON DESIGNERS SCHOOL MALAYSIA COLLEGE (NDS Malaysia), the first Japanese college in Malaysia, in June 2022. NDS Malaysia is a Japanese creative education institution offering practical training in the Manga, Illustration, Animation, and other Japanese creative disciplines. It aims to nurture international creators who can work on the world stage in these fields. NDS Malaysia is the first and only college in Malaysia based on a Japanese technical college offering a diploma in Manga Illustration. The classes will be based on the categories of Manga and Illustration, which are also popular in Malaysia, and will incorporate the essence of Japan. We are delighted to be opening our school on the 40th anniversary of the Look East Policy!

Background of NDS
Nippon Designers School (NDS) is a professional college that started practical education in the field of design and creativity in Shibuya in 1965 and is now 57 years old. There is also a sister school in Kyushu, Japan, with a total of 35,000 graduates. It has produced numerous designers, illustrators, manga artists, and other creators that have contributed to the development of the field in Japan. In the field of comics, more than 3,850 graduates have had their work published in magazines and won prizes in various competitions over the past 10 years.

Our philosophy
NDS Malaysia concept is “+ JAPAN”. Malaysia has achieved remarkable development by learning a lot from Japan and Korea through the Look East Policy, which began 40 years ago. As a multiethnic country, respect for diversity is deeply rooted in Malaysia. The country’s current development is also underpinned by its positive attitude towards new challenges. By respecting the good culture of Malaysia and combining it with Japanese culture (+JAPAN), we are
developing innovative and highly creative creators who will be active on the world stage in the new era.

NDS Malaysia’s “WOW”

  1. Students can attend classes held in Japan.
    Introduction of the latest online tools, including the Japanese video conferencing system ‘HD com’. Lectures by Japanese creators and classes at sister schools can be attended in real time from Malaysia. Listening to various creators active in Japan, who wouldn’t be normally heard about, expands students’ knowledge! English interpreters are provided for lectures, so there is no need to worry even if you don’t understand Japanese.
  2. Cross-cultural exchange between students in Malaysia and Japan.
    Using ‘HD com’ to connect sister schools, students can introduce each other’s interesting and unique cultures. Furthermore, they can show each other their work and exchange opinions. Students could even do other circle activities with a 5,000 km link!
  3. Study trips to Japan
    Students are sent to Japan for training during their studies. They will meet in person with students from sister schools, with whom they have been in contact online. It is a great way to get to know each other even better. They can also broaden their knowledge by experiencing different cultures. Everything they see and touch will inspire them and hone their senses!
  4. Abundant opportunities for exhibition
    Works can be exhibited not only at the Malaysian school, but also at our school galleries, in Japan, and good artworks will also be exhibited at the art museum in Tokyo!
  5. Manga artist/illustrator debut support
    Excellent students have a chance to participate in the annual manga work review / illustration work correction meeting of major publishers! You can also get advice directly from a professional editor.

Diploma in Manga Illustration

The first department to be established at the opening of NDS Malaysia is the Diploma in Manga Illustration. This course will deliver education in the field of Japanese manga and illustration, which has influenced subcultures all over the world. The course focuses on the digital drawing based on Japanese manga and illustration styles. Based on analog techniques, this is the first diploma course in Malaysia where students can learn practical digital illustration and manga production, which is now mainstream. The course is not only about techniques but also about developing knowledge in creative thinking and entrepreneurship to enhance future possibilities.

CEO Song’s vision

Malaysia has made remarkable progress since the Look East policy began 40 years ago. Diversity, cultivated through years of multiracial living, and a ‘peaceful mindset’, a manifestation of tolerance towards others, have been the hallmarks of the country’s development. I also feel that Japan can learn a lot from the “advanced challenges” in both education and business. We believe that the exchange between Malaysian and Japanese students at our school will create an interaction between the next generation of young people from different cultures, which will lead to the development of each country and the development of people who can enrich the world. Malaysia + Japan’s creativity will surprise the world with a “WOW”!

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