Nando’s Feed Your Fire Launch: A Feast For The Senses

Nando’s transports guests on a journey to Southern Africa with great food, art, music and vibes.

Kuala Lumpur, 7th September 2022 – In celebration of Malaysians’ fiery spirit, Nando’s threw a feast for the senses at their Nando’s Pavilion Bukit Jalil restaurant. The Feed Your Fire event was an experience for the 5 senses where guests could see, feel, smell, hear and most of all taste all that Nando’s had to offer. Various stations were set up to bring guests on a journey to discover Nando’s Southern African roots and experience Nando’s like never before.

Mac Chung Lynn, Group CEO of Nando’s Malaysia and Singapore, kicked off the Feed Your Fire event by sharing the New Nando’s experience – where every time you go to a Nando’s, you’ll feel like you’re somewhere exotic, warm and vibrant. Filled with bottomless, refillable pleasures, satisfying PERi-PERi meals, breath-taking Southern African art and Afro-Luso beats guaranteed to have you grooving along.

Guests started the feast for the senses by first learning a little bit about Nando’s roots and what makes the Nando’s culture uniquely Nando’s.

Putting flavour first and heat second, Nando’s PERi-PERi sauce is unlike the ‘all-out-burn’ of other chilli sauces. A fact that guests were able to discover as they mixed fresh onion, garlic, lemon and of course the magical PERi-PERi chilli to make their own PERi-PERi sauce. The African Bird’s Eye Chillies, better known as PERi-PERi, only grows under the hot sun in the rich, fertile soil of Southern Africa. Today, Nando’s has partnered with over 1400 farmers in 18 growing regions to grow the freshest PERi-PERi for feasters worldwide.

Nando’s Feed Your Fire Launch A Feast For The Senses

Later, guests received a mini art gallery experience and a guided tour of the 23 original artworks by Southern African artists displayed around the restaurant. Nando’s prides itself in the nurturing of young Southern African artists under the Nando’s Art Initiative, supporting more than 350 talents on a regular basis. Nando’s also has the world’s largest collection of contemporary Southern African art, displayed in 1200 casas across 24 nations. Guests are able to walk in and feel like they have wandered into Southern Africa, bursting with vibrant colours depicting the African spirit and culture aplenty.

The original designs around all Nando’s restaurants speak primarily to the visual senses – sight and touch. Lights, fabrics and patterns seen in the restaurant are done by Southern African artists supported by Nando’s under the Hot Young Designers Programme, shining the light on some of the world’s most talented contemporary designers. Guests were also able to bring home a piece of art by getting a manicure and getting creative at the canvas painting stations during the event; with designs reminiscent of the Nando’s brand, rooted in Southern African culture. After getting creative, guests moved on to Nando’s silent disco.

People were swaying and bobbing to Nando’s Afro-Luso playlist – an upbeat and lively genre filled with african beats and latin rhythms that encapsulates the Nando’s blend of African and Portuguese roots. Have a listen to Nando’s playlist here and find yourself dancing along.

There were plenty of delicious Nando’s meals to keep guests partying – starting with fan favourite Sweet Potato Chips with PERinaise, then second starters with Vusa XXHot flavoured Wingettes & Drummettes and Mushroom Bowl to the star of the night, Nando’s flame-grilled PERi-PERi chicken served in a platter. Throughout the night, guests were trying their hand at filling up their own bottomless Frozen Yogurt, mixing their own drinks and tasting the all-new, also bottomless, Rubro Iced Peach Tea while indulging in sweet desserts.

Here at Nando’s, trust that we feed not just your appetite, but also your imagination and the desire for adventure. Step into a Nando’s outlet today and let us #FeedYourFire.

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