Local Hijab Brand JIMMYSCARVES Marks Founder’s 27th Birthday with a Limited Edition Scarf Collection

Love Jimmy 3.0 is a special limited edition collection launched by the homegrown brand featuring floral prints in six exuberant different colours
Made of premium fabrics such as Sakura Chiffon and Korean Chiffon, the
scarves are lightweight and flowy but opaque enough to ensure that wearers are properly covered

Kuala Lumpur, 18th September – JIMMYSCARVES, the local hijab brand known for modernising the tudung labuh with its chic designs and lively prints is set to launch its limited edition scarf collection on the 24th of September, dubbed Love Jimmy 3.0 to commemorate the founder’s 27th birthday.

Love Jimmy 3.0 is part of the Love Jimmy series, featuring vibrant floral prints that’s elegant and versatile, suitable for all occasions, be it at the office, formal or casual events. It is a special collection which is released every year on the brand founder, Azim Mat Noor’s birthday since the inception of the brand in 2017, beginning with Love Jimmy in 2018 and Love Jimmy 2.0 in 2019.

Azim Mat Noor, known as Jimmy says, “The Love Jimmy series is a way for me to celebrate my special day with fans of JIMMYSCARVES. It is a collection that is very close to my heart as I am personally involved in the creation of this collection from the concept to the colours and the prints. Since we launched the brand three years ago, this exclusive series has always been one of our more anticipated collections.”

Celebrating Modesty with Love Jimmy

This year, Love Jimmy 3.0 features an even fresher take on the collection, coming out with two versions of square scarves instead of wide shawls and instant wide shawls – something that fans of the brands might be more familiar with. The basic square scarf which is a classic square scarf measures 50” while the instant square scarf with a ready awning comes in two sizes, 55” and 60”. Made of premium fabrics such as Korean chiffon and Sakura chiffon, the Love Jimmy 3.0 scarves are flowy and easy to style.

They are also lightweight and breathable to ensure that the wearer is comfortable, on top of being opaque enough to ensure that the wearers are covered properly.

Known for their unique prints and signature awning design in their instant hijab line, JIMMYSCARVES originally began as one of the brands which took off from Instagram, offering a fresher take on tudung labuh (wide, elongated hijabs) before expanding their product range to include hijab accessories, such as twillies, brooches and inners.

Elegant, chic, minimalist, and stylish are the characteristics that have become the trademark for JIMMYSCARVES designs. Jimmy emphasises simplicity in his designs as he believes that with design, less is more. The scarves are also longer and wider than regular scarves, making them a quick favourite amongst women in Malaysia.

“Having friends and family members who are hijabis, I realise that the options for long and wide hijabs are often limited to plain, solid colours, or outdated prints. Sometimes they had to settle with traditional wide hijabs that do not really match their personal styles and preferences. That is why we came out with our uniquely measured scarves featuring modern and fresh contemporary prints. The extra length also allows for experimentation. We want to ensure that every hijabi feels included,” adds Jimmy.

Love Jimmy 3.0 comes in six different colours, from softer pastel hues to more vibrant, solid hues to cater to the wide preferences of the brand’s fans.

Pre-order for the Love Jimmy 3.0 collection starts on 18th September until 23rd September, and the basic 50” square scarf will go on retail for RM59, while instant square scarf retails for RM79 for 55” and RM89 for 60”. Customers can also purchase the scarves online or by walking in to JIMMYSCARVES’ boutique in Bandar Seri Sendayan, Negeri Sembilan starting from 24th September.

For more information about the Love Jimmy collection, visit jimmyscarves.com .

Local Hijab Brand JIMMYSCARVES Marks Founder’s 29th Birthday with a Limited Edition Scarf Collection
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