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Let’s Get Through the Haze Together with Spotify

 It is getting harder to breathe out there (*cue Maroon 5, please*), with temperatures expected to only get hotter until May. However, with the monsoon transitioning, Malaysia is experiencing slight rainfall within the last few days that eases up the dry spell throughout last month (we can Breathe Easy, at least for a little bit). 

Currently, there are numerous public service announcements plastered across the country, telling us Malaysians to stay indoors or drink lots of water to stay hydrated. But at Spotify, we’ll give you one better; a coping mechanism to help you mentally combat the haze, with our Hazed & Confused playlists that perfectly sums up all our feelings. 

A few notable tracks from the recently updated playlist include: 

● Zainal Abidin – Hijau 

This is an iconic song from Zainal Abidin. In the 1980s, when Malaysian music seemed to be focused on rock music, Zainal released this pro-environment track, which obviously stood out like a breath of fresh air!

Misha Omar – Sampai Bila 

The song title, which loosely translates to “How Much Longer” tells us that Malaysians are just waiting “Sampai Bila” until we can enjoy that fresh, earthy smell again as we stand in the middle of that beautiful garden outside of our homes. 

Whenever you are feeling ‘breathless’, check out all the tracks from the full Hazed & Confused playlist and feel free to embed the playlist within your website by using the following code: 

As always, remember to stay hydrated!