Leading TCM Brand FIVE ELE Expands to Malaysia;Bringing All-Natural Wellness to Local Healthcare Centres

The range of wellness products includes medicinal cures, health supplements, and even edible cosmeceutical capsules formulated using ancient medicinal techniques

Kuala Lumpur, 9 May 2023 – Singapore’s speciality wellness brand FIVE ELE has announced today its official entry into the Malaysian market. Drawing inspiration from the wisdom of ancient Asian therapeutics, the brand’s range of exclusive products includes traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), Chinese Medicine products, and herbal-based beauty and cosmeceutical products that will be available on their official Lazada store and at selected clinics nationwide.

FIVE ELE’s products are developed with the main goal of preventing ailments by restoring the yin and yang balance in the body through the harmony between the Five Elements — wood, fire, earth, metal and water. Their product formulations are aimed at promoting natural healing through the balance of the organs in the body to alleviate pain and ailments.

Grace Liang, Co-Founder of FIVE ELE, shares: “The future of public health is looking to be a collaborative effort between Western Medicine and traditional Chinese Medicine — with healing at the heart of it all. As part of our vision to someday integrate TCM into mainstream national healthcare systems, we have decided to collaborate with local clinics for our foray into Malaysia. This enables us to more easily, and physically reach communities that need our products, a helpful step forward in driving improved consumer access to natural health and wellness.”

FIVE ELE’s wide range of health supplements is clinically effective for various health needs and concerns: from improving organ function, nourishing the skin and body, to allowing the body to recuperate from certain recurring conditions. It emphasises holistic well-being and the improvement of the overall quality of life.

With curative health at its core and the increasing consumer usage of TCM as a COVID treatment option, the brand has also diversified to include supplements for symptomatic relief from long COVID — a herbal solution that is ideal and safe to be consumed in the long term.

Beyond TCM and Chinese Medicine products, FIVE ELE has also grown their focus beyond medicine to also cover cosmeceuticals — edible cosmetic products containing bio-active pharmaceutical ingredients with medicinal properties. This unique blend takes the form of InnerMost Radiance, FIVE ELE’s signature line of cosmeceutical capsules that helps with skin brightening and rejuvenation from the inside out.

Dedicated to cutting-edge research and development to drive the development of TCM in the region, FIVE ELE’s products are manufactured entirely in-house with proprietary medicinal formulas.

“Our rigorous trials and research are part of our process to create nutritional products which can be widely recognised in the global health supplement industry. On top of formulas developed in-house, we also take special care to source only the finest Chinese medicinal herbs and raw ingredients from across the globe in accordance with strict safety standards. It’s only natural — pun intended!” adds Liang. Together with its sister company, APD Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Pte. Ltd., FIVE ELE looks to continue increasing its manufacturing capacity with its newly established production facility in Singapore. The brand also plans to strengthen and expand its regional distribution network through both online and offline platforms across Southeast Asia, with Malaysia as one of the key hubs outside of Singapore.

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