Kick Off The Year-End With LG Trio Bonanza Sale-brations

‘Tis the season to celebrate the year-end with premium and sophisticated products by

LG Electronics from now until 31st December 2021

PETALING JAYA, 23 November 2021: Celebrate the end of year with amazing, innovative home appliances and cutting-edge home entertainment products to bring joy and light up your holidays. Award-winning home appliance manufacturer LG Electronics is the gift that keeps on giving with cash rebates up to RM1,000 of Touch ‘n Go eWallet Credits on selected LG items across online and retail stores by authorised dealers nationwide.

The LG Trio Bonanza Sale-brations also offers consumers the option to Mix & Match when you pair and purchase any two or more LG products (except PuriCare™ and TONE Free) in a single receipt which gifts you double Touch ‘n Go eWallet credits. Hold your reindeers, it does not stop there as the sale goes on with a Lucky Win whereby consumers can stand a chance to win Touch ‘n Go eWallet credit worth up to RM1,000 with any purchase of LG products! As we live in a new normal, we aim to keep Malaysians safe and healthy, that is why consumers are entitled to a PuriCare™ PWP rebate of RM100 Touch ‘n Go eWallet credits when purchasing any PuriCare™ products + selected LG items.

From now until 31st December 2021, consumers can own a variety of LG products such as the beautiful award-winning LG OLED TV, the LG Styler™, LG InstaView Door-in-Door™ Refrigerator as well as LG PuriCare™ water and air purifiers. The products offered are guaranteed to bring the best out of your home with comfort, care and convenience

“The year is coming to an end and we have so many to be thankful for as Malaysia starts to return to a new form of normalcy, from ease of restrictions to the convenience of travelling. As we move forward whilst staying safe, we [LG Electronics] aims to deliver consumers high-end, innovative home appliances and home entertainment products with the ultimate deals that can make our consumer’s lives better.” said Kim Kyutae, Managing Director of LG Electronics Malaysia.

The LG Trio Bonanza Sale-brations promotion list includes:

Home Entertainment

CategoryPromo ModelMSRP (RM)Promo Price (RM)Free Gift (RM)
OLEDOLED77C1PTB29,99920,999TNG Credit 1000
OLED65G1PTA18,99915,999TNG Credit 700
OLED65C1PTB15,99912,999TNG Credit 500
OLED55C1PTB10,9998,499TNG Credit 350
OLED48C1PTB8,4995,499TNG Credit 200
OLED65A1PTA12,9998,499TNG Credit 350
OLED55A1PTA8,9996,499TNG Credit 250
NanoCell75NANO86TPA12,49911,199TNG Credit 450
65NANO86TPA8,4997,799TNG Credit 250
55NANO86TPA5,8995,499TNG Credit 200
65NANO80TPA6,9996,499TNG Credit 200
55NANO80TPA5,0994,299TNG Credit 150
86NANO75TPA15,99914,499TNG Credit 650
75NANO75TPA10,9999,199TNG Credit 400
65NANO75TPA6,1995,699TNG Credit 200
55NANO75TPA4,5993,999TNG Credit 150
ULS86UP8000PTB13,99910,399TNG Credit 450
75UP7750PTB8,9996,999TNG Credit 300
70UP7750PTB6,4995,299TNG Credit 200
UHD65UP8100PTB5,2994,999TNG Credit 150
55UP8100PTB3,7993,599TNG Credit 100
SoundbarSN11R5,4994,399TNG Credit 200
SN9Y3,9993,599TNG Credit 200
SN8Y2,9992,249TNG Credit 100
SN7Y2,4991,999TNG Credit 100
SN6Y1,5991,499TNG Credit 50
SNH51,4991,169TNG Credit 50
SP7Y2,0991,899TNG Credit 50
TONE FreeTONE-FP81,099FOC Macaron Case
TONE-FP8W1,099FOC Macaron Case
TONE-FP5599FOC Macaron Case
TONE-FP5W599FOC Macaron Case

Home Appliance

CategoryPromo ModelCapacityMSRP (RM)Promo Price (RM)Free TNG Credit (RM)Remarks
LG Front LoaderFV1409S4W9kg3,3992,19950
LG Washer DryerFV1285D4W8.5/ 5kg3,6692,699100
FV1450H3V10.5/7kg4,9993,899150Senheng Exclusive
FV1450H2B10.5/ 7kg5,1994,099150 
LG Front LoaderF2515STGW15kg5,1993,899100TWINWash™
Mini WashT2525NWLW2.53,0992,39950
LG Front LoaderF2515RTGV15/8kg5,5994,499150
Mini WashT2525NWLV2.5kg3,1992,49950
LG Front LoaderF2720RVTV20/ 10kg7,9996,499250
Mini WashT2735NTWV3.5kg3,0592,24950
LG Front LoaderF2721HTWV21/ 12kg9,1696,999300
Mini WashT2735NTWV3.5kg3,0592,24950
LG DryerVD-H9066WS9kg5,1993,999v
LG Styler™S3MFC8,4997,399400
LG Top LoaderTH2517DSAW17kg2,9992,599100
TH2518DSAW18kg3,0492,649100Senheng Exclusive
CategoryPromo ModelCapacityMSRP (RM)Promo Price (RM)Free TNG Credit (RM)
LG Top FreezerGN-B422SQWB393L2,4492,14950
LG Bottom FreezerGC-B529NLCZ420L2,8992,699100
LG Side-by-SideGC-B247SQUV626L5,4994,599200
LG Multi DoorGC-B22FTQPL464L5,6995,299200

Air Conditioner

CategoryPromo ModelCapacityMSRP (RM)Promo Price (RM)Free TNG Credit (RM)
LG Air Conditioner      S3-Q09JA2PA1.02,0552,025100

LG PuriCare

CategoryPromo ModelMSRP (RM)Promo Price (RM)YES Promotion
Water PurifierWD515AN5,6004,48020% off (3Y)
WD512AN4,7003,29030% off (3Y)
WD512AN4,7002,82040% off (2Y)
WD210AN4,4003,52020% off (3Y)
Air PurifierAS10GDPB05,4004,8601+1Careship (Complimentary 1 year Careship worth RM800)
AS65GDPB04,1003,6901+1Careship (Complimentary 1 year Careship worth RM550)

So, what are you waiting for? Go out there and enjoy the deals and “Sale-Brate” with us on this joyous occasion!

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