Kayman Beauty Launches Golden Cocoon Multi Element Mask Formulated with the Goodness of Silk Cocoon

  • A portion from each purchase of the mask will be donated to selected organisations and individuals through Kayman Beauty’s COVID-19 Relief Initiative.

Kuala Lumpur, 2nd June 2020 ‒ Known for their effective and affordable skincare solutions, local brand Kayman Beauty has announced a new addition to their existing line of high quality skincare products, the Golden Cocoon Multi Element Mask (MEM).

The MEM comes in  the form of a sheet mask – a sheet of fabric doused in serum or essence – and is formulated and produced in Korea. The first of their products to be produced outside Malaysia, it aims to aid Malaysians with brightening, moisturising, anti-ageing, and nourishing the skin through the expert formulation of premium ingredients in the essence.

This is the fifth product in Kayman Beauty’s product line-up after their Coalface Soap, Coalface Cleanser, Rosa Glow Treatment Essence and Skintella Repairing Serum, all of which have received high praises on social media. 

Kayman Beauty Launches Golden Cocoon Multi Element Mask

Pioneering the usage of Golden Cocoon Extract in Skincare

The main ingredient of the MEM is in its name: the golden cocoon extract. It is derived from silkworms’ cocoons and is rich in sericin, a protein created by the worms during the creation of silk. Sericin, which contributes about 20-30 per cent of total cocoon weight has been proven to help in wound healing, bioadhesive moisturizing, anti-wrinkle and anti-ageing.

Furthermore, sericin also increases the skin’s ability to retain water, promotes skin elasticity, and diminishes fine lines and wrinkles. This makes it extremely suitable for people with dry,dehydrated skin as well as mature skin, although all skin types can expect a more youthful, glowy, and luminous skin through usage of the MEM. 

Nabella Anuar, Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Kayman Beauty says, “The golden cocoon extract is a mostly unexplored ingredient for cosmetics and skincare due to the premium price.It is overlooked often even in Korea where this product is formulated, despite all the benefits it possesses. As the first brand in Malaysia to utilise this extract in a skincare product, our aim is to deliver a pampering experience like no other to our customers, so that they can experience this amazing ingredient themselves.”

Kayman Beauty Launches Golden Cocoon Multi Element Mask

Other than sericin, the MEM also contains an assortment of effective and beneficial ingredients such as niacinamide, lactobacillus ferment extract, and sodium hyaluronate,  which makes it effective in improving skin tone, soothing sensitive and inflamed skin, and maintaining the skin’s suppleness.

The Multi Element Mask also uses the highest quality of Tencel sheet material made of banana fibre, which not only feels soft on the skin but hugs the face perfectly.

The Gold Cocoon Multi-Element Mask, sold in a box containing 5 pieces of the masks retails at RM59 and can be purchased from Kayman Beauty’s website as well as their registered stockists and agents. A portion from each unit of the mask sold will be donated to selected organisations and individuals affected during the MCO, as part of Kayman Beauty’s COVID-19 Relief Initiative.

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Kayman Beauty Launches Golden Cocoon Multi Element Mask
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