Kaspersky partners with ASWANT to ignite Cyber Immunity in Malaysia and Indonesia

16 November 2023-Kaspersky today announces its partnership with the local premier technology company ASWANT Solution to build up the Cyber Immunity ecosystem in Malaysia and Indonesia.

The global cybersecurity company signs up ASWANT Solution as its first distributor for Kaspersky Thin Client, an operating system for thin clients based on the KasperskyOS (operating system).

“This strategic partnership with ASWANT Solution will enable us to expand our presence in Malaysia and Indonesia. Beyond that, the most important part here is that our secure-by-design solutions will now be easily available for our organisations in these countries, which means that manageable and functional thin client infrastructure is now accessible to those who are ready to take the next level of economy digitalization: Cyber Immunity. I know that ASWANT Solution executive team is passionate about sports so we will combine both: active life and innovation” says Andrey Suvorov, Head of KasperskyOS Business.

Kaspersky partners with ASWANT to ignite Cyber Immunity in Malaysia and Indonesia
Andrey Suvorov, Head of KasperskyOS Business

Patented by Kaspersky, the Cyber Immune approach is a means to create solutions that are virtually impossible to compromise and that minimize the number of potential vulnerabilities.

Kaspersky Thin Client is part of Kaspersky’s thin client infrastructure. This solution is designed to provide users with access to a remote desktop and serves as a substitute for a local workstation.

The partnership with ASWANT Solution marks a milestone for Kaspersky’s effort to empower businesses and organisations in Indonesia and Malaysia with innate thin client security, a needed step amidst the cyberthreats targeting these two territories.

As Kaspersky Thin Client’s sole distributor starting today, ASWANT Solution aims to grow Kaspersky’s resellers and partners’ reach, particularly for its Cyber Immune portfolio.

ASWANT will provide to Malaysian and Indonesian markets the Kaspersky Thin Client hardware device Centerm F620 with the preinstalled KasperskyOS.

Commenting on the partnership, Kaspersky’s Managing Director for Asia Pacific (APAC), Adrian Hia shares, “Indonesia and Malaysia are both important markets for us at Kaspersky. As these countries’ threat landscape continues to evolve, we are delighted to partner with ASWANT in promoting Kaspersky Thin Client, a product that is fit for diverse types of organisations that need innate protection against  increasingly sophisticated cyberattacks.”

“We’re truly enthusiastic about our partnership with Kaspersky’s Cyber Immunity thin clients based on KasperskyOS. Even more thrilling is witnessing how our customers and partners are reaping the benefits of this cutting-edge product,” says Wan Norhamsa Saad, Technical Director of ASWANT Solution.  

Managing Director of ASWANT Solution, Nor Asrul Mohd Noor, said that “Aswant is eagerly anticipating the substantial benefits our esteemed clientele will derive from this latest addition to our product portfolio. Introducing a technologically advanced product while meticulously managing the total cost of ownership (TCO) marks a profound transformation in our region, particularly within Malaysia and Indonesia.”

To know more about Kaspersky Thin Client, visit the following link.

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