I&CO Accelerates Expansion into Asian Markets with Strategic Design Capital Alliance with Trambellir

I&CO Accelerates Expansion into Asian Markets with Strategic Design Capital Alliance with Trambellir

Singapore, 12 March 2024 – I&CO has announced a strategic design capital alliance with Trambellir Sdn Bhd, a Malaysia-based online booking platform for medical tourism. The partnership will take the form of a design capital model, where I&CO will demonstrate its global expertise to enhance the UI and overall business assets for Trambellir. 

With this partnership, Norikuni Takamiya, the Head of I&CO APAC, has been appointed as Chief Design Officer (CDO) of Trambellir, where he will support enhancing corporate value and accelerating business from a design perspective.

Empowering Medical Tourism Through Design Capital

Trambellir is an online booking platform for over 2,000 medical, beauty, and wellness services in 35 cities across 22 countries with a unique Direct-to-Patient model. 

Since it was nominated as a digital partner of the Malaysia Healthcare Travel Council (MHTC), an organization under the Malaysian Ministry of Health, in 2022, Trambellir has continued to display its strong commitment to accessibility and digital transformation of medical tourism.

I&CO specializes in delivering global solutions that transcend boundaries with experiences for international brands like TOYOTA, Uniqlo, and Audible. Leveraging on such experiences, I&CO is committed to creating lasting business value through design capital.

This partnership with Trambellir is one of many planned partnerships for I&CO. I&CO has been in contact with over 200 Asian-based startups and aims to expand its operations from New York and Tokyo to the remaining Asian regions.

The strategic alliance with I&CO and appointment of Mr. Takamiya as CDO will propel Trambellir’s vision to democratize global medical tourism,” said So Iizuka, CEO of Trambellir. “By leveraging their creative and business development expertise, we are dedicated to building a sustainable global society.”

“I&CO empathizes with Mr. Iizuka’s aim to bridge Asia and Japan through new business developments and will support this with design and creativity.”, said Norikuni Takamiya, Head of I&CO APAC. “Applying our experience to Trambellir’s growth, we aim to expand a business model that serves as a cultural and economic bridge between the two regions. This partnership represents our commitment to fostering innovation, mutual understanding, and prosperity.

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