Here’s Why You Need to Add Steam Cleaning to Your Laundry Routine

The importance of home appliances has progressed over the years with increasing consumer spending on clothing[1]. Nowadays, we are looking for a more convenient alternative to using compact garment steamers that will help us with pollutant-free clothes.

Silk, cotton, batik – the yards of fabrics to choose from is overwhelming these days. The afterthought of splurging on clothes would be to think of ways to care for each article of garment especially when it comes to gentle care for the clothes you love. There is a way to gently care for your laundry and sanitise clothing efficiently while removing bacteria and allergen. How? Keep reading and you’ll find out!

Laundry care has not been the most talked about topic among Malaysians and yet it is one of the essential things we do at home — but how does being able to dry-clean your clothes at home sound? From virtually working to socially meeting online — people are beginning to dress up for any virtual sessions and wear all the clothes they missed out on wearing in the last year, even if it is just at home.

With the conventional wisdom that we all have, we would send our clothes to the dry-cleaners when we are allowed to and make sure our clothes look spiffy. However, with constant technological advancement, there’s a new breed of high-tech smart wardrobe on the market. One that does not only stores, but dry cleans clothing. Who knew we could now own such a capable, advanced wardrobe?

Not going to lie, we’ve never imagined that we would see a wardrobe like this. But with where technology is now, almost anything is possible. The brand-new LG Styler™ is the smart wardrobe helps with steam cleaning. Here’s why:

  1. Hygienic Without Chemicals

Adequate sanitisation for our clothes and surrounding has become a necessity in every Malaysian household to maintain optimal hygiene. The demand for hygienic solutions has also increased. Keeping in mind that clothing is something we wear daily, it is also important to make sure that it isn’t exposed any possible microscopic airborne particles such as allergens, bacteria, and viruses. But we are wary of the chemicals we use to achieve that as they may not be good for overall health and the environment too.  

In comes the LG Styler™. Its TrueSteam™ technology sanitises clothing and fabrics with 100% water and eliminates 99.9% allergens, bacteria, and viruses. This innovative smart wardrobe can also help sanitise bedding and children’s soft toys. For some of us who don’t have the time for laundry, the LG Styler™ also offers a “refresh cycle” option that spruces and gives a makeover to any of your favourite suits or gowns in just 20 minutes.

Here’s Why You Need to Add Steam Cleaning to Your Laundry Routine 1
  • Prolongs Clothes’ Lifespan

Want a wardrobe even Bernard Chandran himself would envy? We sometimes hold sentimental value to our clothes and cherish them for various reasons. We would pay extra attention to laundry care, which results in higher spending on dry-cleaning. Having something that can both keep our clothes hygienic, clean and prolonging their lifespan while fitting in perfectly with our home interior is a difficult task. What if there’s a solution that kills two birds with one stone?

The LG Styler™ would not only give you a 21st century modern design and finish, but it also allows professional-level care for your clothes at home. The added bonus would be that you can now wear whichever outfit you want at any time without having to drop by the dry cleaners. Its sleek and stylish design truly enhances your home interior while its practical functions deliver a dry-cleaning session at home.   

  • Quality Clothing Care

The general move away from fast fashion has been a catalyst of the “quality over quantity” school of thought when it comes to style. Malaysians are shifting towards shopping cautiously for better quality clothing, and these items may need better care.

With the heat pump system, the LG Styler™ has a low-temperature drying system that dries clothing faster than air drying. Clothes and fashion lover can now gently dry clothes that require special care without worrying about shrinkage or damage caused by heat with regular dryers. Care for suits, dresses, sweaters, and other delicate pieces of clothing becomes easier and more convenient. The LG Styler™ is also equipped with the Special Care mode that has tailor-made cycles for your clothing and customises every step of the laundry process to make sure your clothing stays new and prolong their lifespan.

  • Perfect for a Family

Every appliance in the home of a family has a singular goal of catering to the needs of each family member. When purchasing home appliances, our parents often look at the practicality of things. For the LG Styler™, practicality works like a charm because it is not only catered to fashion lovers, but working adults, children, athletes or pet owners. If your family members are one or all of the mentioned, the LG Styler™ has got you.

Here’s Why You Need to Add Steam Cleaning to Your Laundry Routine 1

The smart wardrobe is built to fit in up to three pieces of clothing and 1 pair of pants; it comes with the Moving Hanger that removes fine dust particles and allergens, wrinkles as well as odour in clothes with low noise operation at 41dB and 200 vibrations per minute, leaving them fresh as daisies! The LG Styler™ also dehumidifies closets and indoor spaces to keep the surrounding atmosphere refreshed. What’s more, it has an anti-wrinkle pants press hanger by the door, and a versatile rack for a variety of clothing. Whether it’s a suit, school uniform, baju kurung, towel, pillow, or a favourite stuffed toy, rest assured that the LG Styler™ will give you and your family the ultimate clothing or any fabric sanitisation and cleaning experience.

  • Remote Monitoring

Busy at work and you need to make sure you have something to wear the next day? As we work longer hours at home, it would be an added advantage to be able to have a smart wardrobe that we can keep track of remotely.

The LG ThinQ™ technology is embedded in the LG Styler™ that helps to operate or monitor your precious garments from anywhere, anytime. Through Wi-Fi connectivity and the LG ThinQ™ app, you can control, track energy consumption, or use Cycle Download to add newly developed care cycles. The app will also alert you when your garments are clean and ready to wear. One click of a button on your smart and all these can be done! Technology, am I right?

If we were to tell our parents or grandparents 10 years back that we now have smart wardrobes like this, they would call us crazy. As we pay more and more attention to the care and hygiene of the clothes we wear, the bed sheets we sleep on and even the bantal busuk that we absolutely have to hug to sleep every night, we also need a versatile appliance that could help sanitise them. Having a home appliance that does that is most definitely an investment. Just think about how much it adds value to you and your family!

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