Herbalife Nutrition Kickstarts Its Annual Herbalife Nutrition Month with Nutrition Society of Malaysia to Encourage Balanced Nutrition and Regular Exercise Among Malaysians

KUALA LUMPUR, March 18, 2021 – Premier global nutrition company, Herbalife Nutrition, is organizing its annual Herbalife Nutrition Month to encourage Malaysians to embrace a healthy, active lifestyle, through positive good nutrition habits and regular physical exercises. A pivotal recent activity was the gathering of 10,000 Malaysians across the country in a virtual workout session to burn 1.5 million calories together.

Joining Herbalife Nutrition Malaysia in this campaign is Nutrition Society of Malaysia (NSM), extending their collaboration from 2020, to boost nutrition education. Both parties will bring their mutual expertise to benefit the general public – such as development of educational content that focuses on topics including nutrition, health and wellness.

“As a premier nutrition company in the country, we strive to create a healthy community through raising awareness of the importance of nutrition and promoting a balanced healthy lifestyle and Herbalife Nutrition Month is designed to do just that. We are delighted to have NSM on board to impart proper nutrition knowledge in order to help Malaysians kickstart their health journey,” said Steven Chin, General Manager and Director, Herbalife Nutrition Malaysia.

“As an organisation that is tasked to help more people understand good nutrition, we are glad to be able to work closely with Herbalife Nutrition that shares the same ideals,” said Dr Roseline Yap, the Honorary Treasurer of Nutrition Society of Malaysia (NSM). “Together, we embark on this journey with Herbalife Nutrition to raise awareness and improve the lives of Malaysians through proper nutrition information,” added Dr Roseline, whose research interest is directed towards community nutrition with the emphasis on food consumption and dietary patterns.

According to the National Health and Morbidity Survey 2019, one in two adults in Malaysia were either overweight or obese while diabetes, hypertension and high cholesterol are among the main non-communicable diseases (NCDs). With the aim of helping steer Malaysian’s habits toward a healthier lifestyle to tackle this issue, which is of a growing concern to  the Malaysian government, Herbalife Nutrition Month becomes a driver to inspire the public to embrace living a healthy, active lifestyle, through good nutrition and exercise.

As one of the key activities of Herbalife Nutrition Month, a webinar titled ‘Diet vs Exercise: What Matters Most’ was jointly conducted by Herbalife Nutrition and NSM. Dr Roseline touched on topics such as different types of nutrients and how the body uses them, the Quarter Quarter Half (QQH) rule, as well as debunking the common nutrition myths. On the other hand, Susan Bowerman, the Senior Director of Worldwide Nutrition Education and Training at Herbalife Nutrition, shared her expertise in health promotion, weight management and sports nutrition. She also shared the benefits of exercise when coupled with a balanced-nutrition diet, and showcased preparing a quick and simple nutritious meal. Earlier in the campaign, a webinar on ‘Importance of Healthy, Active Lifestyle in the Current Time’ was led by Samantha Clayton, Vice President, Sports Performance and Fitness at Herbalife Nutrition. She highlighted Fitness Trends in 2021, explaining how fitness regimes have pivoted to online workouts, outdoor exercise, restorative fitness programs and many more.

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