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Road traffic accidents involving cars have been on the rise in Malaysia over the past few years. According to the Department of Statistics, Malaysia is among the top three with the highest fatality rates in Asia, with road accidents being the fourth most common cause of death here.

Based on these statistics, most accidents are freak accidents – happening so suddenly, making it hard to avoid. However, car owners can always opt to take preventive steps, on top of being more cautious on the road and getting a good insurance plan that has a hassle-free claims process.

With most staying home as our nation battles the current pandemic, it is easy to forget what it is like to be on the road. What used to come instinctively to drivers may have been lost in the wind from not driving as often.

Here are some common causes of road accidents which drivers may cause if they aren’t careful:

  1. Speed kills

Speeding is one of the most common causes of road accidents. The higher the speed and thrill, the more severe the accident is going to be. There is no telling if the road will be wet up ahead, if there are potholes, or other pedestrians and motorists. This is made worse when rear passengers are not properly buckled in.

  • Gadgets away

Using mobile phones while driving, no matter how slowly or cautiously, is already an accident waiting to happen. Even the slightest distraction, can cause an accident to happen. Ask yourself, what is so important on your phone that cannot wait? The importance of getting to the destination safely and on time always outweighs the need to reply a message or check social media pages.

  • Red means STOP

Beating the red light is another common cause of road accidents. When the light turns amber, it means slow down, but a majority of drivers accelerate instead. This is highly dangerous because there may be blind spots for vehicles coming from the other direction or worse, motorcyclists beating the red light from another corner.

  • Signalling saves lives

Signal lights fitted around cars were not built for aesthetic purposes. It is an indicator for other motorists to know which direction a driver is heading. It is the most basic and yet crucial form of communication on the road between motorists. Switching lanes or making a sharp turn without signalling first will result in accidents.

  • Poorly maintained car

If a car is not well maintained, this will not only harm the driver but also other road users around it. For example, balding tyres, broken turn signals, low brake fluid and exhausted brake pads could put you and everyone around you in danger. Driving blindly without thinking of timely maintenance is hazardous.

However sometimes, no matter how careful one is, accidents may still happen. Hence, an insurance plan with an excellent claims process is crucial because what policy holders ultimately want is speedy and hassle-free cash settlement within 24 hours. With Liberty Insurance’s Private Car EZY Plus Comprehensive policy, owners need worry no more as it not only provides a holistic coverage, but offers an efficient claims process too with its Liberty Own Damage (OD) Express Claim. This claim allows the insured to make claims via any smart phone without having to visit the branch and no submission of physical documents are required.

Having served Malaysians with its trustworthy brand and insurance coverage for 44 years, Liberty Insurance provides insurance solutions from all-inclusive personal accident and motor policies to legal and business policies that covers legal consultancy services and safeguard financial investments.

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