Get Hooked on the Lychee Craze! New Lychee Inspired Menu By Neighbourhood Cafe Chain Union Artisan Coffee

Union Happiness Box, limited edition gift set up for grabs through the purchase of Lychee Craze menu item

Kuala Lumpur, 11 November 2021 – Love lychee? Then Union Artisan Coffee – the neighbourhood cafe chain, has got just the thing that will have you licking your lips in anticipation. The new Lychee Craze menu by Union Artisan Coffee promises to light up your tastebuds with an eclectic array of lychee inspired menu items.

Speaking about the new menu, Tham Lih Chung, the founder and managing director of Union Artisan Coffee said, “Union Artisan Coffee is all about creating a cafe that is a community magnet to congregate people from the neighbourhood and help strengthen bonds over good food and great coffee. This means constantly exciting our patrons with fresh and bold menu ideas. This is what the Lychee Craze menu is about, taking our handcrafted coffee and premium quality food then infusing it with unique flavours that can elevate experiences further.”

Leading the limited-time Lychee Craze series is the Black (Eyed) LyChee. An in-house blend of freshly brewed black coffee imbued with hints of lychee and served with lychee on top. Served ice cold, the bittersweet drinking experience is complimented with a fruity aftertaste. For those with a sweet tooth, there is also the Lychee Berry Toast which iterates on the classic French Toast with a lychee infused creme anglaise, figs jam spread as well as pieces of fresh lychees and strawberries capped with a frosty scoop of flavourful vanilla ice cream.

Photo Caption: Zesty Seared Chicken Chop, a familiar taste to many with a twist from Union Artisan Coffee, it’s sure to get your taste buds tingling.

There is also a Zesty Seared Chicken Chop with baked baby potatoes, caramelized pineapples, sauteed broccoli all topped with juicy lychee pieces. For those looking for a heartier option, the Lychee Sweet & Sour Chicken Rice offers the perfect combination with delicious crispy fried chicken smothered in lychee infused sweet & sour sauce and a bed of fragrant rice.

For those in the mood for seafood, the menu also features a Pan Seared Seabass with Lemon Lychee Beurre Blanc that adds a tangy kick to the melt-in-your-mouth fish dish. The Lychee Craze menu is rounded off with the Prawn to be Wild, a robust deep-fried tiger prawn dish coated in crispy Japanese panko breadcrumbs with a side of lychee cucumber salad.

Keeping the Craze Going with Union Happiness Box

“In line with our ambitions of continuously enriching and engaging with our patrons, we are excited to announce the Union Happiness Box. Available throughout the December season of gifting, this is a very special gift set that can be won by lucky customers who savour our Lychee Craze menu items. The Union Happiness Box is the perfect encapsulation of Union Artisan Coffee’s penchant and passion for high-quality coffee,” added Tham.

Valued at more than RM199, the Union Happiness Box comes fully equipped with perfectly roasted coffee beans courtesy of Union Roastery – the coffee bean roasting subsidiary of Union Artisan Coffee. The gift set will also feature an elegant Union Artisan Coffee branded coffee mug and tumbler as well as speciality drip bags to steep the coffee beans in. 

To stand a chance at winning this limited-edition gift set, customers will only need to purchase any Lychee Craze menu item and submit a copy of their receipt to Union Artisan Coffee (at [email protected]) together with their name, mobile number and email address.

Established in 2018, Union Artisan Coffee exudes a neighbourhood cafe concept that caters mainly to the neighbourhood and working communities. Born out of the desire to share and instil love and knowledge of good coffee, the idea percolated into a roastery and brewing endeavour bringing some of the finest coffee experiences to coffee lovers across the country. Equipped with its own patisserie division, Union Artisan Coffee also brings premier confectioneries alongside tasteful coffees.

Union Artisan Coffee is now present in close to 20 locations including 1 Mont Kiara, 1 Utama Mall, Citta Mall, Quayside Mall, and more.

Available now until 30 November, Lychee lovers can enjoy each of these mouth-watering dishes in the Lychee Craze limited-time menu for under RM27. For more information about Union Artisan Coffee please visit

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