From Vision to Impact: How This Business is Charting a Course for Sustainable Asset Management

From Vision to Impact: How This Business is Charting a Course for Sustainable Asset Management

Environment, social and governance (ESG) is gaining some serious momentum in Malaysia, thanks to sustainability-centric regulations and initiatives such as the National Energy Transformation Roadmap (NETR). This is particularly relevant to manufacturing and production industries, considering that they account for at least one-fifth of global carbon emissions. The thing about wanting to run an industrial business that’s environment, social and governance (ESG) friendly though, is that it goes beyond mandating company-wide recycling bins— it covers EVERYTHING from the ground up.

From your operating principles to manufacturing equipment, everything’s got to be up to code, up to scratch, and up to date— but here’s the issue. How do you shift machinery that’s functioning, but made redundant by policy changes, without potentially harming the environment? Dumping it is out of the question, selling it could be time-consuming, and if it’s still functional, scrapping it’s a waste! Or… you could try BidMyAsset.

The name might make you double-take, but BidMyAsset’s aim makes it the answer to business owners’ prayers when it comes to resolving ESG and operational expenditure! Offering 20 years of asset management expertise built off its founder, Jeevan Muniandy’s experience in the field, BidMyAsset is an online bidding platform for industrial equipment, connecting buyers and sellers alike as it helps business owners dispose of industrial assets in the most efficient, transparent manner.

Since its founding in 2005, BidMyAsset, has been working to drive positive change in the industry through sustainable asset management practices. One of their key operating principles? That one business’s depreciating asset might be another business’s valuable treasure.

Utilising innovative approaches such as Carbon Footprint Analysis and Lifecycle Assessment, BidMyAsset revolutionises the asset disposal process while promoting environmental stewardship, with a long-term mission of contributing to reducing carbon emissions by 200,000 metric tonnes as of 2030. But it’s going to take more than a single company to achieve this though.

With this in mind, Jeevan’s efforts go above and beyond his work via BidMyAsset — as a leading voice in the field of asset disposal and ESG compliance, Jeevan offers incisive insights on industry trends, challenges, and opportunities for businesses to move towards ESG compliance. Among these opportunities are thought leadership initiatives and strategic partnerships which pave the (greener) way for a more sustainable and environmentally-conscious industry.

To this end, we invite you to speak to Jeevan Muniandy, Co-Founder of BidMyAsset, as he shares his insights on;

  • His history in the field of sustainable asset disposal and ESG facilitation, and what that experience has taught him including his early days in the field of asset appraisal and assessment, and how those experiences — good and bad— have shaped him
  • The vision behind the founding of BidMyAsset
  • Challenges Jeevan faced in the early stages of building BidMyAsset, including;

-Assembling a team that shares the company’s global environmental impact vision

-Educating clients on the importance of sustainable asset management practices. 

  • Notable projects or clients BidMyAsset has worked with
  • Challenges and opportunities in curating sustainability as a way of life for businesses, in asset management, and on the whole within Malaysia.
  • BidMyAsset’s mission of maximise value for clients while minimising environmental impact
  • Industry insights into the current state of ESG/environmental practices and trends, including emerging opportunities and challenges.
  • BidMyAsset’s proactive stance on addressing evolving ESG/environmental considerations and its role in shaping industry standards and best practices.
  • How BidMyAsset’s efforts tally with Malaysia’s target for Carbon Neutrality by 2050
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