foodpanda’s Refund Process: Building Trust & Confidence With Customers

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KUALA LUMPUR, 14 December 2020 – foodpanda Malaysia has always sought to build high levels of trust and confidence while promoting a healthy synergy and loyalty between the company and its customers. Hence, all services and products within foodpanda’s offerings are subject to a robust and transparent refund process that provides conditional refunds for customers.

Whether it is Shops, pandamart, food delivery, delivery charges, or even discount code offerings and vouchers, customers can be confident that they are eligible to receive a refund for their purchases subject to meeting certain conditions. These conditions include cancellations by the partners, wrong orders delivered, spilled food or missing items from the order list. The most common reason for customers requesting refunds for their purchases have been delivery of wrong items and missing items from the order list, something that foodpanda are monitoring vigilantly and working closely with their  restaurant partners to minimise, mitigate and ultimately eliminate over time. 

At the present time, foodpanda has put in place processes and an efficient customer refund service to assist customers with their refund process. There is a Live Chat option available on the foodpanda platform which allows customers to reach out to their customer service representatives for further assistance regarding the refund process.

Upon connecting with the representatives, the customers will be asked to provide their order code and the reason for the refund request. For cash on delivery refunds, customers will be requested to provide  their name, bank name, and bank account number. Refunds for online payments and credit cards compared to cash on delivery payments are relatively faster as foodpanda will already have the customer’s banking details. This speeds up the escalation to foodpanda’s Finance Team to process the refund and as well as the notification to the customer on the refund progress which will be executed via email.

Alternatively, customers can email their inquiry or complain to [email protected] or access the My Orders feature within the built in Help Centre feature on the foodpanda app. All refund requests are investigated carefully and as quickly as possible to ensure that customers can receive their legitimate refunds within 24 to 48 hours.

Customers opting to be refunded via foodpanda’s voucher offerings will be refunded at a quicker rate as the vouchers are readily available and will be applied immediately to the customer’s account upon certification of the legitimacy of the refund claim.

foodpanda are subject to strict regulations by Bank Negara Malaysia where these regulations are applied extensively and adhered to throughout the refund process, which may cause unintended delays in finalising the refund process but guarantees the process’ credibility and security for their customers. This is clearly visible in refunds requested through purchases made using credit cards where the refunds take a longer time compared to online banking or even cash on delivery payment methods due to strict regulations imposed by the central bank. foodpanda, however, does not discourage customers from using credit cards as this method of payment has been proven to be a convenient and secure method for both the customer and foodpanda.

Moving forward, foodpanda looks to improve and streamline the refund process even further by introducing new features and payment methods which will be announced soon. foodpanda also constantly improves on existing processes such as cash on delivery refunds. Two months ago, foodpanda transferred cash funds to local banks twice weekly to accommodate refund requests. Since then, these transfers are processed on a daily rate to further speed up the refund process for the customers.

foodpanda hopes that their customers are assured that the refund process is in place to facilitate transparent and seamless refunds and look forward to forging lasting relationships with them for years to come.