EDOTCO and ChargeSini Forge Strategic Partnership to Advance Electric Vehicle Infrastructure Deployment

EDOTCO and ChargeSini Forge Strategic Partnership to Advance Electric Vehicle Infrastructure Deployment

Kuala Lumpur, 2 February – EDOTCO, a leading regional integrated telecommunications infrastructure services company, today announced a significant milestone in its commitment towards its sustainability goals. EDOTCO and ChargeSini, an innovative electric vehicle (EV) charging solutions provider, have officially signed a collaborative agreement to revolutionise the deployment of EV infrastructure in Malaysia.

This partnership aligns with the national agenda outlined in the Low Carbon Mobility Blueprint 2021-2030, aiming to install 10,000 public EV charging stations by 2025. The collaboration between EDOTCO and ChargeSini marks a significant step toward achieving these ambitious environmental and sustainability goals, aiming to install EV charging stations at more than 200 potential in-building locations and poles nationwide, leveraging on EDOTCO’s existing footprint in the next two years. EDOTCO’s extensive experience in telecommunications infrastructure positions it as a key player in providing power connectivity and securing parking bays at selected sites, ensuring a seamless integration of EV charging stations into its existing infrastructure.

With over 13,000 electric vehicles already on Malaysian roads, we are gearing up for an exponential increase to half a million by 2025. This burgeoning demand underscores the need for comprehensive charging stations across the country. Our infrastructures, readily available at strategic locations such as malls, airports, hospitals, universities, and roadside smart poles, seamlessly integrate with and bolster the growing EV ecosystem. This initiative is a component of our Value-Creation-Cadence framework within the EDOTCO’s business strategy, marking a significant leap towards adjacent revenue stream,” shared Gayan Koralage, Director of Malaysia Business at EDOTCO Group.

The strategic selection of the building locations in the initial phase is geared towards promoting sustainable urban mobility. Both EDOTCO and ChargeSini envision an expansion strategy that utilises EDOTCO’s existing outdoor smart poles in city centres nationwide, with the goal of not only increasing the number of charging stations but also extending the reach of electric vehicle charging to diverse markets.

James Goh, CEO and Founder of ChargeSini, commented on this milestone partnership, stating that, “This partnership represents a synergistic fusion of EDOTCO’s extensive experience in telecommunications infrastructure and ChargeSini’s cutting-edge approach to EV charging technology. Our joint efforts are not just about expanding infrastructure; they’re about accelerating the adoption of sustainable mobility in Malaysia. We are committed to significantly advancing the EV landscape, aligning our endeavours with the nation’s vision for a greener, more sustainable future.

Since its inception, EDOTCO has been steadfast in its commitment towards sustainability, demonstrating an unwavering dedication to environmental responsibility and community well-being. From pioneering green initiatives to integrating energy-efficient solutions across its telecommunications infrastructure, EDOTCO has continuously strived to minimise its carbon footprint.

ChargeSini, known for its cutting-edge EV chargers and sophisticated backend system, will contribute to a comprehensive and efficient solution for electric vehicle users. Based on data from Agmo DataHub, ChargeSini is currently ranked second in terms of EV plug count, having rolled out 599 charging ports in total.

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