Drivers no longer need to worry – For Everything Cars Just ROGER

Drivers no longer need to worry – For Everything Cars Just ROGER

Kuala Lumpur, 5 August 2020 – Roger, a new 360° car ownership app built for everything cars, has launched its Klang Valley service today. The brainchild of automotive and ICT players with decades of experience, the app is in pole position to take the automotive industry by a storm and change Malaysian car ownership.

By innovating on existing car service offerings, ROGER aims to race ahead of the current competition by speeding up delivery of its auxiliary services and working in tandem with current industry players. ROGER aims to build an integrated platform that will help the industry digitize their offerings, making car ownership a safer and more practical experience for all users.

The founding member of ROGER, Kevin Lim shared that he started getting ideas for the app when speaking to some industry players about the challenges that they faced back in 2011. It was getting harder to maintain the costs of brick and mortar establishments, and they could not spare meaningful funds into marketing. Inspired by his own experience with a near-fatal car accident around 2005, Kevin pursued his vision for a 360° car ownership app by leveraging on his industry experience and network of automotive and ICT experts.

Malaysia has been experiencing a growth of 3.02 million vehicles on the road since 2017. According to the Malaysia Automotive Association, there are now 31.2 million vehicles as at December 2019.

“In traditional automotive business, it was hard to find new customers. People generally prefer going with referrals and would not normally change their service centres for fear of being duped into paying for poor quality service or fake parts. While there are centres that may not operate professionally, there are many more that do and those centres do not have the means to expand their market potential as they rely on word-of-mouth. This is where ROGER can help. The user can safely choose our lineup of service providers, that have all been filtered through for quality assurance. At the same time, it would act as an added source of income for merchants by expanding market base,” explains Kevin.

ROGER is available on both Android and iOS formats via Google Play Store and Apple App Store respectively. The company has created two separate apps ROGER 360 for consumers to request for emergency services and ROGER Squad, which supports mechanics, repairmen and responders. They are launching today with their 1st phase deployment covering car breakdowns and towing, tyre replacements, battery replacements and jumpstarts, petrol refuels and accident response.

As part of the launch campaign, new users will receive a RM20 voucher that can be redeemed for any service offerings from the app. ROGER also plans to bring more campaigns, and promotions to grow their user base. “We are very excited for the launch today and are looking forward to the app deploying its full set of features in the future. We aim to be the leading car ownership app in Southeast Asia in the next 5-10 years,” concludes Kevin.

The app is now available on Apple and Google Play Store. For more information on ROGER, kind visit .

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