You are currently viewing Digital Health Start-Up Healthifyme Launches Asia’s Largest Virtual Fitness Festival To Help Malaysians Achieve Their 2021 Fitness Goals

Digital Health Start-Up Healthifyme Launches Asia’s Largest Virtual Fitness Festival To Help Malaysians Achieve Their 2021 Fitness Goals

FitFest 2021 aims to celebrate HealthifyMe’s users and encourage them to adopt healthier lifestyles.
Over 200,000 users have signed up for the free virtual campaign which features exclusive health and wellness content, live workouts, activities, and games with exciting prizes to be won.
HealthifyMe has over 400,000 users in Malaysia and plans to quadruple its user base within two years.

Kuala Lumpur, 13 January 2021 – HealthifyMe, one of Asia’s largest and fastest growing healthcare start-ups, has launched FitFest 2021, a month-long health and fitness virtual event to help its users kickstart the year on a positive note.

HealthifyMe is a one-stop digital health and fitness platform that provides personalised solutions to help consumers achieve their fitness and nutrition goals. It offers localised health content, calorie tracking, meal plans, fitness workouts and health advice – all of which are powered by a team of online nutritionists, personal trainers and an artificial intelligence fitness coach.
Over 200,000 users worldwide have signed up for the virtual festival, which is open to both existing and new users and will run till 31 January 2021 on the HealthifyMe app, available free to download from both the App Store and Google Play. FitFest features exclusive content on health, nutrition and wellness, and a series of games, exercise routines and interactive activities to encourage users to live healthier lifestyles.

The event also aims to celebrate the achievements of HealthifyMe members and coaches by sharing their inspirational personal stories of weight loss and body transformation.

Currently, HealthifyMe has a user base of over 20 million members and 500 coaches. The company launched in Singapore, where it is now headquartered, in late 2018. It now has 100,000 users based here and has plans to quadruple the number by 2022.

Mr Tushar Vashisht, Co-Founder and CEO of HealthifyMe, said, “We are very elated to host the first ever FitFest 2021 virtual campaign and we are heartened by the reception from our users. 2020 has been a challenging and peculiar year for many people, but the HealthifyMe community had some truly amazing moments.

“We believe that the new year presents an opportunity for reflection and self-improvement. FitFest is a platform for us to celebrate those moments and to start the year on the right note. Our mission is to help our existing community as well as new users to lead healthier lives and improve their well-being.”

Mr Vashisht noted that in 2020, HealthifyMe saw its user base grow by four million, as users went online to experiment with diet plans and home workouts. In Southeast Asia, it saw a 30 percent organic surge in user traffic, engagement and retention amid COVID-19 lockdowns. The platform’s user engagement grew from five sessions per week to 7.5 sessions, while the number of foods users tracked on the app daily increased from four to eight logs.

To cater to changing user habits, the company launched several new products over the last year, including HealthifyMe Studio, where users can learn how to do home-based workouts through live sessions with trainers, and free immunity assessment tests to help users improve their immunity and adopt a healthy lifestyle during the pandemic.

As part of FitFest, HealthifyMe will be organising a daily user showcase featuring video stories and interviews with clients on their physical transformation journey while using the app. Another initiative is a coach showcase highlighting prominent HealthifyMe coaches and how they have brought upon a positive and meaningful change to their clients’ wellness habits and lifestyles.

Mr Swapnil Garg, Head of Business, Southeast Asia, at HealthifyMe, added, “We would not be Asia’s largest health and fitness start-up without our community of users and coaches, and we want to take this time to recognise the heroes on our platform who have been working hard to improve their lives and that of others.”

Besides showcases, mini courses are held to educate users on health topics ranging from dieting to fitness tips. There are also quizzes and games focused on health and wellness themes. Users can participate in these games by tapping ‘spin the wheel’ in the app interface.

Other exciting activities include a series of live workout sessions such as yoga and cardio exercises that users can participate in from the comfort of their homes. In addition, HealthifyMe is also hosting cooking demonstration sessions for users to learn healthy recipes and dishes that they can make. Both programmes are hosted by a panel of HealthifyMe experts and celebrity influencers.

Mr Manan Chandan, Director of New Initiatives, added, “The aim of FitFest is to inspire each other to live better and be the best version of themselves in the year ahead and beyond. FitFest 2021 is a time to restart!”

Participants that have successfully completed each segment will be rewarded with scratch cards that they can exchange for vouchers or cash prizes. Selected users may be eligible to win prizes such as an iPad Pro tablet, a sports bicycle or a Fitbit Inspire watch.

HealthifyMe was founded eight years ago in Bangalore, India, and now has over 20 million downloads worldwide. It adopts a holistic approach to health and wellness and aims to educate users on how evidence-based nutrition, proper exercise and having a balanced diet can lead to a healthier lifestyle.

With its nutrition-based expertise, the company has developed multiple successful programs that have helped its users achieve successful weight loss and chronic disease management.