CU and Samyang Unite: A Fiery Culinary Adventure! 

Introducing The New Rose Buldak Meal Range 

CU and Samyang Unite: A Fiery Culinary Adventure! 

Kuala Lumpur, 17 April 2043 – CU, in an exciting collaboration with Samyang, is set to ignite taste buds across the nation! Starting from now, all CU stores will exclusively feature a tantalizing range of innovative creations that blend CU’s bestsellers with Samyang’s iconic Rose Buldak flavors. 

Samyang Rose Buldak Chicken Gimbap and Samgak Gimbap: Brace yourself for a flavour explosion! Calrose rice and tender chicken, marinated in Buldak Carbonara Hot Sauce, deliver a fusion of classic Italian carbonara richness and the signature Buldak Fire spiciness in every bite. 

Rose Buldak Cheese Baked Rice: For cheese enthusiasts, this dish is a revelation. Imagine Rose Buldak Flavoured Chicken chunks baked with macaroni, steamed corn, and generously topped with gooey cheese—a comforting yet fiery indulgence for any occasion. 

CU’s Dak Gang Jeong (Fried Chicken): A fan favorite, now with a spicy twist! CU’s boneless fried chicken gets a glossy makeover with Samyang’s Buldak sauce and a layer of melted cheese. The result? A velvety, fiery sensation that’ll leave you craving more. 

Refreshing Sips: To cool down after the heat, dive into our refreshing drinks. Try the Lychee Rose—a sparkling soda water infused with Rose Lychee chunks and sweetened syrup. And for an extra burst of flavor, don’t miss the Popping Lychee Rose with juicy yoghurt pearls. 

CU x Samyang: Where fiery meets flavours. Visit your nearest CU store and embark on this culinary adventure! 

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