You are currently viewing Connecting Art to Life: Introducing Artilife, A One-Stop E-Commerce Platform That is Bringing Novelty and Innovation to Malaysians

Connecting Art to Life: Introducing Artilife, A One-Stop E-Commerce Platform That is Bringing Novelty and Innovation to Malaysians

Artilife is a Malaysian eCommerce platform that features internationally-crowdfunded  lifestyle products designed to improve the quality of life through innovation and technology

Since Artilife’s launch just last October, the platform has amassed over 2,600 active users who are on the lookout for novel lifestyle products from innovative startup brands across the globe

Kuala Lumpur, 30 November 2021 – As the country accelerates its progress on the road to recovery, explosive spending patterns have largely been geared towards eCommerce products that are affordable and functional. Eyeing a gap in the market for exclusive and novel lifestyle products, Artilife introduces its one-stop Malaysian eCommerce platform offering internationally-crowdfunded lifestyle inventions designed to improve the quality of life through innovation and technology.

The prevalent Malaysian consumer behaviour dictates that online users are constantly on the lookout for value deals on both essential and non-essential items. While the majority of the market is saturated by consumers who are waiting for deals and promotions before making a purchase, there are also buyers who are taking external factors, such as sustainability and exclusivity, into consideration. In fact, a 2021 survey conducted by Facebook and Bain & Co in their annual SYNC Southeast Asia report revealed that 87% of Malaysians would opt for brands that have environmental, social and governance (ESG) built into their brand and business and 77% were willing to pay a 10% premium.

On a mission to help consumers achieve a higher quality of living, Artilife provides Malaysians with access to novel crowdfunded products at competitive prices. Products listed on Artilife are offered at a price point that is lower than the retail price, which is made possible through the platform’s proprietary data-driven efficiency and targeted sales channels that further aid in product marketing. On top of getting first dibs on novelty items that are also cutting-edge and sustainable in terms of ideation and design, consumers on the Artilife platform can also enjoy the early bird promotions, ensuring further exclusivity on one-of-a-kind lifestyle products.

“During the pandemic, consumers were understandably more cautious about spending due to the economic uncertainty. But now that our economy is slowly headed towards recovery, we found that many consumers have realised the importance of achieving a higher quality of living. In catering to this market segment, the Artilife platform was created to give Malaysians a new standard of lifestyle products that can also be practically used day-to-day, while also being environmentally-friendly,” said Tzong Lee, Co-CEO of Artilife.

Bringing Novelty and Innovation to Malaysian ECommerce

More than that, the platform is also on a mission to ensure that international startups with ground-breaking and sustainable ideas are able to scale and grow. Understanding the local market and marketing strategies needed in securing brand awareness and product interest, Artilife assists innovative businesses in expanding their reach to Malaysian consumers, thereby familiarizing them with demands of the local market.

The XpreSole Cody Coffee Sneakers are available in seven different designs on the Artilife platform.

The value proposition of Artilife stems from the platform’s  lifestyle products that are sourced from innovative brands that have been successfully crowdfunded and backed by supporters from all over the world. For instance, the platform offers XpreSole, a footwear brand that recycles spent coffee grounds (SCG) into sustainable footwear material. Dubbed as the “world’s first coffee shoes”, XpreSole was first sold at crowdfunding platforms Kickstarter and Indiegogo, and has reportedly sold over 10,000 pairs in a single month in Taiwan.

Endeavouring to introduce more novel tech-based products, Artilife will also soon introduce Mophie, a US-based leader in portable power banks, to its unique brand listing. The new Mophie Powerstation Go Rugged device is adaptable to an array of situations, making it a great emergency tool. From charging mobile devices on the go and jump-starting the car, to inflating tires and doubling as an LED flashlight, the product is an essential gear for adventurers during outdoor activities.

The Mophie Powerstation Go Rugged series is an essential gear to help adventurers get back up and running during emergencies.

“More often than not, marketing strategies are more important than the product that is being sold. Many of the startup brands on the platform have the products ready, but lack the expertise or understanding of the market to successfully bring the product to life among local consumers. That is where Artilife comes in as an added-value service that helps to localise the customer journey and mapping a desirable shopping experience,” added Lee, who also founded one of the leading car mat brands in Malaysia.

Conceptualised to provide Malaysian consumers with convenience and peace of mind when purchasing internationally-produced products, Artilife aims to instill confidence amongst consumers as a trusted local platform that ensures products delivered are of the best quality. On the road to become a one-stop platform to source for innovative products, Artilife hopes to help more international brands establish themselves in the Malaysian market.

To date, Artilife has enlisted more than 80 lifestyle products on its platform, and has amassed over 2,600 active users since its launch in October 2021. To provide more innovative products on the path to attaining a quality lifestyle, the platform aims to expand its product portfolio to 300 by 2022.

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