Coming Together for a Positive Impact

The 3M Impact program awards USD$10,000 grant to local NGOs, MySkills and SOLS 24/7 to help them achieve long-lasting change in local communities

KUALA LUMPUR, 18 December 2018 – 3M, the global science company awarded a USD$10,000 grant to two local non-governmental organisations, MySkills and SOLS 24/7, who were a part of the inaugural 3M Impact program that aims to make a positive impact in communities around the world.

The 3M Impact program is a skills-based, pro-bono service program in which teams of 3Mers volunteer their time and talents to benefit non-profit organisations around the world. The program was introduced last year, with Malaysia chosen as one of the countries for the program. 3M Impact participants engaged with local non-governmental organisations, MySkills and SOLS 24/7 as part of the initiative.

MySkills is an organisation which helps to provide second-chance opportunities for at-risk youths to acquire fundamental social, living and workplace skills while SOLS 24/7 aims to eradicate poverty by providing their students with technical skills in the solar industry, English education and personal development training while also securing boarding and daily meals through their SOLS Academy of Innovation ( program.

 “While we continue to produce innovative solutions across different industries, we also remember  our responsibility to work towards making the world a better place by working with the communities in and around 3M locations. At 3M, we believe that with creativity, collaboration and a shared sense of purpose, no problem is unsolvable,” said Mr. Parameswaran Nair, Managing Director of 3M Malaysia.

MySkills youths working together at the mango orchard
MySkills youths working together at the mango orchard

“We are deeply moved by the dedication level demonstrated by both MySkills and SOLS 24/7. We are pleased to provide a USD$10,000 grant to help them continue their inspirational programs and to help them implement the 3M Impact team recommendations, allowing them to be more sustainable to continue to develop more programs for the underprivileged communities in Malaysia,” he added.

Through the 3M Impact program, diverse teams of 3Mers spend two immersive weeks collaborating with a local non-governmental organisation, social enterprise or government agency to contribute to a solution for a pressing social or environmental issue. Before and after their time on location, 3M Impact teams collaborate to create action plans that enable their partner organisation to achieve long-lasting change.

“The  3M Global Impact program has helped MySkills in terms of gaining momentum for self-sustenance, which summarises the overall contribution by both 3M pro-bono consultants and the MySkills team. One way to best describe the outcome would be the transmission of strong organisational culture for sustainability for emerging non-profit organisations such as MySkills,” said MySkills CEO Devasharma Gangadaran.

Youths at Myskills are also taught how to cook
Youths at Myskills are also taught how to cook

He added that 3M has demonstrated a successful model of global teamwork and community support and hopes it will inspire more stakeholders to create an impact in the lives of Malaysian youths.

“The 3M Impact program benefitted the organisation greatly, as it has allowed us to structure and know the main points that will give us a competitive edge in the market and implement strategies that allow us to be more personalised with our potential customers. 3M has allowed us to find methods that will gear us towards greater sustainability and improve the employability of the communities we are looking to serve, educate and empower,” mentioned Danutcha Catriona Singh, Managing Director of SOLS 24/7.   She said the ideas given to SOLS 24/7 by the 3M volunteers helped the team in identifying key strategies and focus areas, as well as improving some of their approach and method in delivering solar education to their community.  

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