Club Med and GoPro Reignite Strategic Partnership with the Launch of GoPro Trident Crew

GoPro Trident Crew brings to life both brands’ shared objective of inspirational storytelling and showcasing unforgettable experiences in East, South Asia & Pacific through the creative lens

Kuala Lumpur, 6 October 2023 – The pioneer of all-inclusive holidays across beach and mountain resorts worldwide, Club Med, today announced its renewed partnership with GoPro, the iconic action camera dedicated to sharing experiences around the world. This strategic collaboration, known as GoPro Trident Crew, unites a group of creative content creators to showcase extraordinary experiences at Club Med resorts across East, South Asia Pacific while forging a close-knit community of GoPro enthusiasts. 

An inaugural kick-off event to mark the start of this stand-out partnership was held at Club Med Kani, Maldives, in May, setting into motion a slew of branded events, thematic weeks and workshops hosted at various scenic destinations where Club Med resorts are located in.

Through these initiatives, the GoPro Trident Crew aims to bring to life the shared brand essence of both Club Med and GoPro, by redefining the boundaries of authentic storytelling, while igniting a sense of wanderlust and fuelling a passion for unique experiences. A carefully selected group of content creators will be fully immersed in various Club Med destinations, which serve as the backdrop for visual productions, to capture unforgettable moments through GoPro’s innovative lens. The synergy from this partnership will amplify Club Med’s all-inclusive premium vacation concept while celebrating GoPro’s force for positivity that inspires travellers to pursue their passions in a meaningful and fun way.  

Following a successful “insider bootcamp” in 2018, Club Med and GoPro recognized the long-term benefits of reinforcing the partnership to build a close-knit community of spirited explorers. GoPro Trident Crew is the result of intentional marketing efforts to promote unique locales and activities at Club Med’s resorts as well as to entice adventure seekers to capture their unforgettable memories around the world.

“We are incredibly excited to embark on the second phase of our partnership with GoPro. The success of our recent kick-off event in Club Med Kani reinforces the strong foundation set by the first Insider Bootcamp held in 2018, further propelling meaningful conversations through inspiring destination content created across the diverse collection of Club Med resorts in the months ahead,” said Ms. Valerie Loy, Vice President of Club Med in East, South Asia and Pacific (ESAP) markets. “This creative collaboration brings to life the spirit of Club Med holidays which are enjoyed in the most beautiful places on the planet, enhanced by the pleasure of being outdoors in nature, discovering a myriad of local cultures, and sharing authentic moments of conviviality.”

“We are thrilled to resume our Club Med partnership with the launch of the GoPro Trident Crew,” said Rick Loughery, GoPro’s Vice President, Global Marketing and Communications. “This initiative is a unique opportunity to inspire travellers and GoPro enthusiasts to engage with and learn from one another for incredible content. Club Med properties are the backdrop for storytelling and we cannot wait to see what amazing stories will be created from this partnership.”

For the inaugural kick-off event at Club Med Kani, Maldives, a total of 11 content creators from Malaysia, Thailand, Japan, China, Spain and Austria were hosted to four days of exhilarating fun. During the event, the GoPro Trident Crew participated in various activities co-hosted by Club Med and GoPro to indulge in the exploration of Maldives’ breath-taking scenery. Workshops and camera tips were facilitated by GoPro experts so that participants can share their knowledge and new-found skills with their followers as well as to encourage collaboration with fellow content creators.  

Selected as the kick-off point for this initiative, Club Med Kani offers a range of activities well-catered to the interests of adrenaline-seeking holiday goers and family vacationers. The resort boasts crystal clear waters, white sandy beaches and an abundance of marine life which the GoPro Trident Crew have the option to enjoy through either snorkelling or diving in for a closer look – and a great opportunity for underwater photography and experimentation with GoPro’s action cameras and filming accessories.

In the months ahead, GoPro Trident Crew will adjourn for the subsequent Content Series at various Club Med resorts as well joint social activations by both brands.

For more details, visit GoPro Trident Crew’s official website. The content creators will also share their experiences using the hashtag #GoProTridentCrew across all social media platforms so people around the world can also share in the Crew’s adventures and events.

Please click here to access Club Med’s Press Room and click here for GoPro’s blog.

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