Chiropractic First Group and the International Medical University Join Forces to Introduce a Cutting-Edge Graduate Trainee Programme: Catering to Backbreaking Chiropractic Demand

  • CFG’s Malaysian clinics will be first in the country to offer chiropractic clinical attachments
Chiropractic First Group and the International Medical University Join Forces to Introduce a Cutting-Edge Graduate Trainee Programme: Catering to Backbreaking Chiropractic Demand
Photo (L-R): Prof Winnie Chee, Pro Vice-Chancellor, Academic, IMU, Prof Gerard George, Group Managing Director, IMU, Dr Matt Kan, Chief Executive Officer & Founder, CFG, Mr Yong Weng On, County Manager (Malaysia), CFG and Prof Abdul Aziz Baba, Vice-Chancellor, IMU during the MOU signing ceremony.

Kuala Lumpur, 10 November 2023 – Chiropractic First Group (CFG) announced an innovative partnership with the International Medical University (IMU) during their Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) signing ceremony. This collaboration marks the initiation of a groundbreaking Graduate Trainee Programme for IMU’s Centre of Complementary and Alternative Medicine, which emphasises student mobility, clinical experience, and industry development in light of the current uneven ratio of chiropractic practitioners to patients.

“We are thrilled to be a part of this transformative collaboration, which will shape the future of chiropractic education in Malaysia and globally. By offering our clinical expertise and industry resources to IMU students, we aim to provide practical applications of their curriculum as well as a holistic path forward into the working world,” stated Dr. Matt Kan, founder and CEO of CFG.

Within the Graduate Training Programme, chiropractic students from IMU will be given the unique opportunity to visit CFG’s clinics immediately after completing their studies. Starting March 2024, students will be given the chance to observe in CFG clinics all over the world. Notably, CFG’s Malaysian outlets will also be the first in the country to offer clinical attachments for chiropractic practice starting in 2027.

In addition, IMU students will also have the opportunity to expand their horizons globally as well. These clinical opportunities will also be extended to CFG’s international branches in Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, China, UK and Europe, so programme participants could potentially take their first steps into their careers and broaden their global perspectives simultaneously.

Alongside the practical aspect of the programme is an initiative designed to enrich the students’ learning experience as well. Selected experts from CFG’s roster of over 50 active practitioners will be hosting regular seminars and guest lectures for IMU’s chiropractic cohort. With a combined total of over 2 million patients served worldwide so far, CFG’s doctors will be able to offer IMU students a wealth of knowledge and practical insights from their experienced viewpoints.

“We are thrilled about our partnership with CFG, as it creates opportunities for our students and reinforces their education with real-world practical experience. We aim to bridge the gap between chiropractic professionals and educational institutions worldwide, fostering mutual learning and a shared commitment to a brighter future”, said Janice Chan, Director for Centre of Complementary and Alternative Medicine of IMU.

CFG will also become the first operator in Malaysia’s chiropractic field to offer a Leadership Bursary Grant and Book Prize totalling up to RM160,000 to IMU students. This generous contribution is intended to emphasise CFG’s commitment to nurturing future leaders in the chiropractic field, supporting their educational journey and recognizing their outstanding achievements.

Furthermore, as part of this five-year arrangement, CFG’s founder, Dr. Matt Kan, will be appointed as a member of IMU’s Industry Advisory Board. In this vein, IMU and CFG intend to work in tandem to learn and grow together, and exchange ideas on training curriculums, industry best practices, and the overall future of the employment market for graduates in the wellness sector.

Through this partnership, CFG and IMU plan to demonstrate how education and clinical experience should go hand-in-hand, providing students with the best possible preparation for their future careers. By opening its clinics to IMU students, CFG is not only advancing chiropractic education in Malaysia but also contributing to the development of the global chiropractic community.

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