Celebrating 100 Changemakers Creating Real Impact In Malaysia

Kuala Lumpur,18 Oct 2023: Wiki Impact, the pioneering online platform dedicated to the impact industry, is delighted to announce the long-anticipated release of WikiImpact 100 for 2023. This campaign is a vibrant celebration, shining a spotlight on the remarkable changemakers within Malaysia who are actively engaged in impactful and meaningful work.

In a world that often extols celebrities and capitalists, Wiki Impact 100 stands out by showcasing a new generation of changemakers who are diligently reshaping society and nurturing our environment for the better. These inspiring individuals are not just catalysts for change but are also envisioned as a source of motivation for others to join the movement and make
a lasting impact.

According to a study by The National Defense University of Malaysia and a report on the state of social enterprises in Malaysia by the British Council – over 20,000 social enterprises and 82,675 non-governmental organizations (NGOs) collectively bridge the critical gaps and solve some of the nation’s most pressing issues. However, amid this remarkable effort, how many of these champions do we recognize by name?

This is why the Wiki Impact 100 list exists – to shine a light on the impact industry by showcasing the unwavering dedication of individuals who champion causes for the betterment of the nation. It celebrates a diverse range of changemakers hailing from various social enterprises, non-profit organisations, foundations, and associations, all dedicated to genuine, grassroots-level impact work.

In a time where Malaysians are actively embracing a purpose-driven existence and striving for a brighter future, Deborah Chan, the co-founder of Wiki Impact, states, “Wiki Impact 100 is not just a list; it’s a testament to the power of collective action. It reminds us that change is possible when individuals and communities come together, exemplifying the importance of
unity in the pursuit of a better Malaysia.”

The meticulous selection process that determined the final 100 changemakers on the list was grounded in research and stringent evaluation criteria. Each featured changemaker had to exhibit a credible presence in the impact sector, demonstrate dedication to their cause by serving a minimum of two years, display an eagerness for collaboration, and effectively communicate their work with the aim of fostering greater awareness.

A panel of three distinguished judges, well-known figures in the impact industry, provided valuable insights and feedback during the list finalisation process. They include Aireen Omar, President (Investment & Ventures) of Capital A; Nicholas Sagau Tony Ngimat, Chief Operating Officer at REV Media Group & Technology Transformation Officer at Media Prima Berhad; and Hamdan Abdul Majeed, Managing Director of Think City Sdn Bhd.

In a bid to be all-encompassing and comprehensive in its selections, Wiki Impact added two new categories this year – ‘Tech for Good’ and ‘Arts and Culture’. In total, there are 12 categories including existing ones such as ‘Education’, ‘Healthcare’, ‘Gender Equality’, ‘Youth Empowerment’, ‘Poverty Alleviators’, ‘Impact Influencers’ and ‘Animal Welfare’ to name a few.

This celebration marks the second consecutive year, setting itself apart from other coveted lists by virtue of its diverse category coverage, emphasizing the impact industry’s unity as a community of solution-driven individuals and a beacon of hope for Malaysia.

Take a closer look at the remarkable individuals featured in the Wiki Impact 100 list for 2023 and explore their profiles and the breadth of their work. The catalogue of changemakers serves as a potential opportunity for corporations, funders and volunteers to join forces and collectively pursue good works.

As we revel in the accomplishments of these 100 outstanding changemakers in 2023, Wiki Impact is already gearing up for the year ahead, with a commitment to uncovering even more individuals who are making remarkable strides in the world of impactful work. The public are encouraged to nominate changemakers deserving of recognition for the 2024 Wiki Impact 100 list. You can nominate changemakers here.

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