Browse to your heart’s content through Hawkr, An Online Food Delivery Platform That Connects You With Home-Cooked Meals!

Empowering home entrepreneurs, Hawkr intended to guide one’s home kitchens into a micro cloud kitchen that can deliver home-cooked meals.

Kuala Lumpur, 9th December 2021 –  Get your home-cooked food fix with Hawkr – Malaysia’s food delivery platform focused on pioneering micro cloud kitchens with an emphasis on home-cooked food. Whether you are craving the comfort of home-cooked food or looking to sample other traditional delicacies Hawkr has got your taste temptations covered with over 110 home cooks featured on the platform.

Available in the Klang Valley and very soon in Penang, Hawkr delivers highly customizable home-cooked cuisines right to your doorstep. “By just logging on to our website, foodies in KL can get delicious home-cooked meals. Whether it is spicy Nasi Lemak, savoury Biryanis, premium pastries and desserts or fusion western meals – you can get it all delivered to you for as little as RM4.99,” said Li Yen, the founder of Hawkr.

“The secret ingredient with Hawkr is our ability to fully personalize meals because we work directly with home cooks. For example, customers who are diabetic can quickly and easily request for the necessary dietary changes when making their order.”

Unlocking a Market of Millions for Home Cooks

What truly sets Hawkr apart is its hyper-focus on home cooks providing a connective and holistic platform that opens them up to millions of hungry Malaysian tummies. Hawkr takes a personalized and hands-on approach that is immensely beneficial to those who are brand new to the business.

The recent pandemic has resulted in thousands of Malaysians turning to new business ventures to make ends meet – including opening up home-based F&B businesses. Consequently, there are now a significant number of individuals who are brand new to the business and completely unfamiliar with how to set up and grow a successful F&B business

“This is where Hawkr comes into play. Not only do we make it as easy and risk-free as possible to get started with our zero upfront payment approach, but we also make it more affordable along the way with lower service fees of just 15% per transaction. More importantly, unlike other players in the industry, we don’t just focus on getting your food to customers, we spend personal and quality time with each of our merchants to help them with all aspects of setting up their business and making it successful,” Li Yen added.

This is reflected in Hawkr’s merchants’ list with about 40% of all merchants having no prior food industry experience. For these merchants, Hawkr has been indispensable by providing additional services such as brand logo designs, menu designs, pricing strategy, 24/7 merchants support, and customer services support. Merchants are also able to get a better understanding of how their businesses are doing with monthly analytical reports on traffic, sales, and more which they can later discuss directly with the Hawkr team to address challenges and meet set goals more effectively.

“This aligns with our overall mantra that anyone can own a micro cloud kitchen. We firmly believe that a person does not need the fanciest equipment nor the most capital-intensive technology and devices to succeed in the food industry. All you need is a passion for cooking, and we can help you with the rest. We are proud to say that through our efforts, we already have five merchants who now own and operate multiple brands through our platform,” Li Yen shared further.

Inspired by her own love for home-cooked food, Hawkr was first conceptualized in the United States before being established here in Malaysia by Li Yen. The platform proved to be the perfect solution for many who were looking for alternative sources of income when the first movement control order (MCO) was implemented in March 2020.

Today, Hawkr is expanding rapidly with an approximate growth of 10% every week gaining new merchants and home-cooked food lovers as they progress. Ultimately, Hawkr aims to expand across the country and build the largest network of home cooks to create economic empowerment at a massive scale. Hawkr now is delivering anywhere in Kuala Lumpur and Selangor. Coming on January 2022,  Hawkr will be expanding their services in Penang as well as launching their own applications.

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