BOXO Pledges to Donate 10% of Profit to SPCA Selangor SFS Efforts

SELANGOR, 14 June 2021: Calling all animal lovers, Malaysian homegrown e-commerce boxer shorts brand, BOXO, is calling upon animal lovers to support its Stray-Free Selangor efforts.

In order to play its part in the campaign, BOXO will be donating 10% of profits from sales of its newly developed boxer shorts, the Yellow Charity Boney to Society’s Prevention of Cruelty towards Animal Selangor (SPCA Selangor).

The donations will be used to fund SPCA Selangor’s Stray-Free Selangor (SFS) programme in which owned, community animals, stray cats and dogs will be spayed/neutered by a qualified veterinarian.

BOXO Pledges to Donate 10% of Profit to SPCA Selangor SFS Efforts
[Left] Yellow Charity Boney and [Right] Pink Playful Cat

According to SPCA, the SFS application is part of a humane and effective method in preventing stray’s population growth.

“A 2019 Euromonitor report indicated that the population of cats and dogs were at about 795,000 and 402,500 respectively in 2019. There should be more now.

“A stray female cat can give birth to a litter of five kittens three times a year and a stray female dog can give birth to a litter of six puppies twice a year.

“Assuming that 10% of the population were matured female strays and that is a very conservative breakdown, they could have possibly given birth to another 7,155,000 kittens and 4,347,000 puppies by now. We are glad that private organisations such as BOXO are supporting the effort,” said SPCA Selangor, chairperson Christine Chin-Radford, adding that SFS is a humane stray management method as given the number of strays it would be unsustainable for the animal shelters to home if the number is uncontrolled.

Runned by animal lovers themselves, BOXO hopes to contribute towards prevention of the unnecessary birth of strays in Malaysia.

BOXO Pledges to Donate 10% of Profit to SPCA Selangor SFS Efforts
[Left] Billy Pang and [Right] Alvin Ting

“Stray cats and dogs are increasingly becoming an issue in Malaysia. The number of animal abuses is also becoming more rampant. We hope that our effort can contribute positively towards combating overpopulation of stray cats and dogs.” said BOXO’s co-founder Alvin Ting.

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