BigPay launches DuitNow and DuitNow QR in Malaysia to enable users to pay and send anywhere, anytime and to anyone

Kuala Lumpur, 12 April 2022 – BigPay, an ASEAN fintech company with proud Malaysian roots, has rolled out DuitNow offerings for BigPay users nationwide. By entering the DuitNow ecosystem, BigPay embraces access to real-time payments in response to Malaysia’s surge in digital finance adoption amidst the COVID-19 pandemic and national drive towards digital payments.

BigPay users can use DuitNow QR and DuitNow Transfer for all payments. With DuitNow QR, users simply have to open the BigPay app and scan a merchant’s DuitNow QR code to make a payment. BigPay users with linked airasia rewards accounts will earn points for every transaction made using DuitNow QR. These points can be redeemed on flights, food delivery and rides on the airasia superapp.

With DuitNow Transfer, BigPay users can use the service to make instant domestic fund transfers to and from BigPay with participating local banks and e-wallets. Users can quickly make fund transfers to other recipients through DuitNow IDs, which can be a recipient’s mobile number, NRIC number, business registration number, police/army ID, or passport number.

“As BigPay aspires to be Malaysia’s go-to platform for simple and secure financial services, we believe that adding the suite of DuitNow products is a key part of the story. In addition, there was an overwhelming demand from our users and we listened. ” said Salim Dhanani, CEO & Co-Founder of BigPay. “We are continuously working to make it easy for BigPay to be used everywhere and at all types of merchants – the DuitNow features enable this.”

Through DuitNow, BigPay is further championing financial wellbeing by bringing accessibility to its users all in one app – , tracking spending, building credit eligibility and budgeting. Since its inception in 2017, improving financial wellbeing has been a core vision and mission of BigPay. The last five years have seen the company help over 2 million Malaysians get access to digital financial services and it has successfully added a range of regulated financial products on top of the e-money account, such as international remittance, micro insurance and recently, digital personal loans . To date, there are over 1.2 million carded and transacting users on BigPay.

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