Asia’s 1st BizSports Tournament Grand Finale Announces Three Winners, Tackling Employment Mismatch Through Mentorship and Talent Fortification

Kuala Lumpur, 11 January 2022 – Following the debut of Asia’s first Bizsports Tournament hosted by performance reward system, vimigo, performance driven creative agency DreamsKingdoms, financial education platform, FinSpark, marketing company, Socialmex and popular local YouTube content creator Cody Hong, 3 teams clinched victory at the event’s grand finale held recently. The Bizsports Tournament provided talented individuals unique opportunities to fortify their entrepreneurial skills while gaining industry experience with the guidance of corporate mentors from multiple sectors. Winners won cash prizes of up to RM 15,000, not to mention participation certificates for their creativity and tenacity.

Awarded the Dazzling Diamond title, the 3 teams were selected as the champion, 1st runner up and 2nd runner up from 15 teams who competed against each other in the grand finale. The participants showcased their entrepreneurial skills and unique ideas, guided by corporate mentors from The Alley Malaysia, BateriHub, and Top Minds Education Group.

The winning team led by Ng Zhen Wei, CEO of The Alley Malaysia, worked on a proposal to make The Alley the top tea brand in Malaysia. Seeking to capitalize on the Malaysian culture of enjoying a tea time snack, their pitch was to launch a low-calorie milk tea that would appeal to a whole new demographic, thus broadening the reach of the brand.  They also managed to create designs for new packaging as a part of the pitch.

The 1st runner ups worked with Kok Wai Kit, Director of Baterihub, a battery retailer that also offers comprehensive services including delivery and installation of their products. The competitors proposed an app for better customer engagement and brand presence. Already working on the groundwork for the app’s mascot and developing an online game to increase interest levels in the app, the team aims to drive interest among Baterihub’s larger audience, focusing on the transparency that the app can provide customers, from clear pricing to warranty tracking.

Reeve Yew, CEO of Top Minds Education Group led the team that placed 3rd in the tournament. In line with the company’s aim to support the growth and personal branding of entrepreneurs, the competitors pitched an idea to develop an ecosystem to promote and facilitate the sharing of resources, as building a community is seen as a major tool toward entrepreneurial success in today’s landscape. Future plans include more influencer collaborations, developing reality shows and growing the established ecosystem through referrals of existing members.

Beyond that, special recognition was given to 2 additional teams for their ideas, ingenuity, and efforts. For their outstanding achievements, each team received cash prizes of RM 5,000. They were led by founder of vimigo, Shane Mun, and the founder of Xmegami, Sheue Xin respectively.

“We started this tournament to assist these high-potential individuals in navigating the evolving requirements of various industries by connecting them to experienced corporate mentors and ensuring that they receive the real-world training necessary to excel in their chosen profession. Along with our esteemed partners, it has been a delight to witness the creativity and originality exhibited by all participants as they work to bring their innovative ideas to life. More than that, we are excited to be doing our part in providing a diverse talent pool to our partner organizations, ensuring that they have access to motivated, bright individuals who can bring further value to their companies,” said Shane Mun,

Cultivating Marketable Skills and An Entrepreneurial Mindset In High-Potential Talents

In 2020, the number of unemployed people increased to 825,000. The pre-existing issue of structural unemployment was further exacerbated by the pandemic and the consequent economic downturn. There are no tangible solutions in place on a large scale to manage the structural unemployment phenomenon.

Debuting with 938 participants in November 2021, the Bizsports tournament tackles the issue of structural unemployment not only by connecting talented individuals with potential employers but also by developing their marketable skills through as intensive training program that includes funnel mindset cultivation, customer psychology, project management, and creative strategy, among others.

Participants were also evaluated based on a variety of criteria – passion, behaviour, and overall capability through the work they submitted via presentations and videos. In addition to their ability to understand the material. Furthermore, to assess critical thinking capabilities and resourcefulness, they were presented with real-life scenarios and were tasked to present solutions through original business pitches.

The tournament also showcased the strengths and weaknesses of each individual which allowed the participating companies to discern the right talents for their teams and subsequently offer them suitable positions. Across the last 3 months, approximately 50 of the competitors have received job offers based on their performance in the competition and the rest have successfully connected with a vast network of experienced industry professionals and developed relationships that can positively impact their future endeavours.

“As this year’s BizSports was a successful venture, we are already thinking ahead about developing the next edition of the tournament. Our goal as a collaborative partner is to build a Sustainable Training and Development Model that focuses on providing SMEs with the best matched employees to ensure a good fit and improve the working experience for the employers,” Shane Mun shared as the event closed on a high note. 

As a performance reward system, vimigo is focused on developing the ideal employer employee dynamic to ensure maximum output and minimal friction. The BizSports tournament promotes alignment between companies and their employees as well. Understanding how to develop the ideal dynamic will be cost effective and increase the SMEs potential to grow.

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