Art Market Malaysia at National Visual Art Gallery from 27 till 31 August 2016

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Welcome to Art Market Malaysia!

Art Market Malaysia is known as a platform provided for local artists, amateur artists, art enthusiasts, disabled artists, and for all the people in Malaysia that are passionate in art; particularly in the field of visual art.

Visual arts are art forms such as ceramics, drawing, painting, sculpture, carving, and design in fabric, printmaking and so forth. The imagination of a creative artist usually portrays through his art work that can be visualize and understood by the audience.

Art Market Malaysia has started creating awareness in the country by organizing corporate event, street event, and art exhibition as well as promoting campaign via social media portal. Through the years, we have discovered many talented and creative local artists that are a value to the country. However, they are receiving inadequate support and attention.

Local artists like Zamani and Imuda will be performing at Art Market Malaysia as part of their corporate social responsibility activities. We thank them for their contribution.

We urge that all Malaysian, government bodies, corporate companies, chamber of commerce, art and entertainment industry to come in hand and support Art Market Malaysia, local artists and talents.

The opening ceremony will be officiated by Tan Sri Salleh Mohd Nor , PRO Cancellor UTM , Malaysia on 27th August at 11 am . It will be held at National Visual Art Gallery. Since it’s a charity event , we invites 50 kids from the orphanage to join together at the ceremony.

We welcome Malaysian to join us at our event dated from 27th August to 31st August at National Visual Arts Gallery located at Jalan Tun Razak, Kuala Lumpur. The theme for the event will be “Independence”, which is in line with the upcoming Independence Day of Malaysia. There will be various fun and exciting activities such as competition, workshop, exhibition and so forth. Everyone is invited to come and experience this refreshing event.

We also invite all Malaysians to come and celebrate the 59th Malaysia Independence. Together, we can make a difference. And thank you for all your support in local art!

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