A Rescue To All Clinics: AI-Powered Software, Pay32 Clinic, Launches in Malaysia To Fully Digitise Clinic Inventory

Clinics will have access to an Inventory Analytics Tool that will efficiently track and monitor medical products, thus reducing ‘Out of Stock’ incidents

The platform allows clinics to fully implement cashless payments through their e-wallet and BNPL feature, while ensuring that medical staff are able to track vendor payments efficiently

Kuala Lumpur, 12th January 2022 – With online shopping becoming increasingly prevalent, there is now a more urgent need to ensure products, especially those for medical emergencies, are well stocked and always available. Aiming to fully digitize medical practices nationwide, online healthcare supply platform for manufacturers, medical and dental professionals, Lumiere32 has launched Pay32 Clinic, an AI-powered inventory analytics and vendor payment software.

Due to the pandemic, many players in the healthcare sector have seen a boom in business such as rubber gloves, face masks and  PPEs’, to meet the rising demands from the public, hospitals and clinics. Furthermore, there has been huge support from government bodies as well as local and international organisations in the form of monetary and equipment donations.

That said, there are still significant issues that need to be addressed. Some of these issues include the lack of proper logistics management systems, especially for PPE (personal protective equipment) and difficulty in tracking inventory. Manual checking has also been an ongoing issue in managing inventories.

Eliminating the ‘Out of Stock’ Occurrence and Digitising All Payment Processes

To address these issues, Pay32 Clinic offers 2 main solutions- a robust inventory analytics tool and an e-wallet, called Pay32 Wallet, allowing clinics to maintain full visibility over their medical stock and to streamline all incoming and outgoing payments respectively. With the inventory analytics tool clinics can effectively track product expiration dates and availability, instantly making ‘Out of Stock’ situations obsolete. Moreover, the software allows clinics to optimise their inventory using data from vendor invoices and related memos/delivery orders, resulting in a more accurate record of their bottom lines. The software also provides trend updates to clinics, allowing them to better predict buying patterns before planning their purchases for re-stocking.

On the other hand, Pay32 Wallet, which also offers payment tracking and Buy-Now-Pay-Later capabilities, aims to encourage clinics towards adopting cashless payment options with a flexible payment plan. With this, clinics will be able to lessen the paperwork involved when managing incoming vendor payments, while enjoying longer, interest-free payment periods (90 days) when purchasing supplies, thus strengthening overall cashflow. Furthermore, the Pay32 Wallet allows clinics to have a maximum credit of RM100,000 per clinic, allowing for the hassle-free purchase of small medical equipment, instruments, consumables and other supplies without paying upfront.

Finding the Right Package According to Your Clinic

Beyond its digital features, Pay32 Clinic also offers varied subscription packages to multiple types of clinics including founder clinics, group clinics and super clinics. All packages will include a complimentary 6-month subscription and free digitization of data for up to 3 months.

Pay32 Clinic is now available nationwide after successfully being implemented for 6 months across 200 selected clinics earlier this year.

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