Performing Arts Meets Cutting-Edge Technology in the Finest Chinese Acrobatic Show

Melaka, 7 October 2023 – To achieve a centuries-long partnership requires stability and commitment. And if a milestone is reached, it seems fitting to celebrate. Recalling the old and looking forward to the new. As a show of continued support for this mutually beneficial partnership, Melaka-based tourism property developer Yong Tai Berhad (YTB), along with Guangxi Cultural Group, present The Bountiful Harvest of Baiyue, a special show by the Guangxi Acrobatic Troupe. Taking place from 6th-29th October 2023, it will be held in South East Asia’s premier performing arts centre, Encore Melaka Theatre. This cultural and artistic exchange between Malaysia and China is hoped to also result in an increase in tourism, which is set to recover to pre-pandemic levels.

The new guard of YTB , despite being from Hong Kong, are no strangers to the Historical City. In fact, their hallmark project, The Sail in Melaka, is but a stone’s throw away from the Encore Theatre, YTB’s flagship theatre and landmark. The theatre’s maiden performance, titled The Bountiful Harvest of Baiyue, is set to take place for 24 days. The performance is meant to chronicle the traditional lifestyle, history, and culture of the “Zhuang” people, who originate from the Guangxi province in China.

The show will feature the multi-award winning Guangxi Acrobatic Troupe, which has over 70 years of experience, and is expected to attract 33,000 viewers over the course of the entire 24 days. The troupe will be combining complex acrobatic actions with breathtaking aerial artistry to push the limits of human capabilities.

Audiences are welcome to experience a mesmerising combination of intricate acrobatics and stunning aerial performances from the 60-member Guangxi Acrobatic Troupe, with the youngest performer being only 10 years old! Small and petite, yet highly skilled, they will tell the story of a paddy harvest using a blend of artistic tools, percussion, folk music, mimicry, and dances in acrobatic ways! A unique narrative way of presenting acrobatics.

The performance involves many challenging stunts that push the boundaries of human limits, offering the audience a full 80-minute spectacle of exciting stunts.

Encore Melaka stands as a symbol of art and innovation in the heart of Melaka, providing an unparalleled experience for up to 1800 spectators at once. The show is a combination of highly skilled performing arts and high-end technology as its background, creating an extraordinary audiovisual experience. This is a must-experience performance as it will leave the audience an extraordinary audio-visual experience.

“We at YTB sincerely believe that Malaysia can be so much more and become a premier tourist destination globally. What better place to start than Melaka, which in more ways than one can be considered the roots of the country?” said Dato Leong Sir Ley, the Managing Director cum Chief Executive Officer of YTB.

This performance is but a mark of celebration for Malaysia and China’s renewed partnership that goes back centuries. YTB is certain that their continued investments and efforts will not only strengthen relationships, but also hasten the recovery of the tourism industry.

The acrobatic show is also in conjunction with the celebration of The 50th Anniversary of Malaysia-China Diplomatic Relations. Yong Tai Berhad is unwavering in its commitment to actively contribute to strengthening the bond between Malaysia and China. To coincide with the Visit Melaka 2024 initiative, Yong Tai Berhad also aims to boost the tourism sector, which is on the brink of rebounding to pre-pandemic figures.

Crippled terribly at one point due to COVID-19. 2022 showed positive signs for Malaysia’s tourism scene, like a rainbow after a thunderstorm. People could experience the joys of travelling again. The numbers are corroborating this: more than twice as many people are travelling this year compared to last year.


“Considering that the proverbial pie has gotten much larger, it is reasonable to ask for a bigger share, since there is more than enough for everyone. And deservedly so, as ours is a country that is steeped in rich and vibrant history and culture. YTB would like to position ourselves as the premier tourism property developer in the country. We already have a long and storied history, being led by people who know both the business and the potential of the country to be a regional cultural hub, with dreams to eventually become a major player globally.” Dato Leong Sir Ley.

Tickets for “The Bountiful Harvest of Baiyue” are available starting at just RM 88, with discounted rates offered to both students and senior citizens, making this captivating experience accessible to a wider range of audience members. For more information about the show, please visit Encore Melaka’s official Facebook page (@EncoreMelaka) or Encore Melaka’s website www.encore-melaka.com.

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